New reviews are posted Wednesday of each week.

Each review contains a qualitative component that consumers can view without an account. Pictures and sensory observations on the product are given. We hope that by conducting these reviews, it will provide consumers with some insight before they make a purchase decision.

Review Scope

Reviews contain qualitative information about the product directed towards consumers and quantitative information about market penetration geared towards industry stakeholders.

Review Protocol

New products undergoing review are purchased at the retail store by the reviewer at their own cost. Reviews are completed using a desktop vaporizer. Statistics from the purchase, including brand information, date, price, and content measures, are tracked, and variances from the average are explored in each review.

Photo Downloads

Scaled images from each review are made available for member editing and use via monthly purchase summaries.

Market Data

Market data from CannStandard is presented at the conclusion of each review. Market measures covering the time a product has been on the market, provinces where it's listed, active price, the number of stores it's listed in, the monthly sum of sales, inventory data, sold-through per store, sales per store, and cumulative sales for the product undergoing review are shown, concluding with the month the product was purchased.

Updated October 2023
Updated October 2023


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