August 2023 Purchases

This post provides an outline of purchases made August 2023 for this website. We're making the photos available for download and use.

August 2023 Purchases

I believe I might have gone overboard with my purchases last month, so the reviews are overflowing into August a little bit. I've decided to limit myself to just one cannabis purchase this time. I ended up getting two quarters, an eighth, along with some gummies and a drink. Let's take a closer look at everything below.

This post provides an outline of purchases made August 2023 for this website. We list the date, products purchased, and provide photos for each.

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Products Outlined

  • -ness East Coast Brunch
  • Tribal Cuban Linx
  • Silky Continental Cross Bow
  • Daily Special Lil Bits Sour Grape
  • Deep Space Propulsion Cherry Lime THC CBG
  • Simply Bare Scotti Biscotti

Date of Purchase: August 2 2023

-ness East Coast Brunch