SYNR.G Blueberry Kush

SYNR.G Blueberry Kush

This review is the last of my Alberta Cannabis purchases. If you weren’t following my past reviews, this is the 3rd CannTrust variety we’ve tried and its gone really well so far.

Blueberry is a very common variety with a sweet earthy taste. Also popular, Kush, a word that should really imply a regional connection but is probably just a buzz word now.

Now we’ve mentioned two general variety names and, in case you didn’t read the title, we’re going to mash them together for this review: Blueberry Kush, hype squared.

I’m not even going to try to guess where this comes from. Blue-Kush types have been popular and come in various flavours, from various breeders. Most are OG Kush crosses with some sort of Blueberry (or derivative). Judging by taste alone, I would imagine that is what this CannTrust variety is, there are slight fuels and pines in the midsection of the profile.

Forward notes here are sweet, they mix with the OG tones to create a slightly tarted petrol edge that blends downwards to shallow earths.The tarts monopolize the profile, stealing the show from the earths. I find the sweet earths are less present in the profile and after a few rounds in the vaporizer it truly shows its OG roots. Overall, it is well done. Pronunciation is good, I tried to look up the terpene content for this but couldn’t find any information for it on the CannTrust website. Bet it logs between 2%-3% terpene content.

This was $10.99 for a single gram. It smokes well, good structure, dynamic flavours. CannTrust seems to be reliable in these categories, I’d put them top 3 for quality across all the producers I’ve tried so far.

I really like to review unique varieties, something unknown with a good backstory. This is the opposite of that, very common, no backstory. OG crosses are generally fairly available. I naturally want to dislike it, but cannot deny the character of its profile. CannTrust has also released a Strawberry Breeze and Northern Pride, it’d be prudent to look out for those, given this positive experience.

Much of their menu seems to be re-worked or re-branded versions of popular varieties (at least the 3 we reviewed so far). I liken it to viewing old photos inside shiny new frames, bordering on yawn-worthy. I’ll surely be back for the taste and quality of their product, but would love to see what they would do if they grew something from this decade. But let’s be realistic, it is tactically advantageous to enter a competitive market with products that appeal to a wide audience.

Question is, will the market prefer consistency over variety? Are they even mutually exclusive? I find myself asking if I would have accepted less quality or paid more to get something I view as ‘more special’. For me, I would have paid more but I don’t think the compromise needs to be made, there are producers out there now with both quality and variety. However, I was unable to purchase from the majority of them via the Alberta Cannabis store. So maybe I’ll wait and see.