Debunk Fresh Super Sour Diesel Live Resin Blend

Debunk Fresh Super Sour Diesel Live Resin Blend

Hey pancakenap here. Thanks for joining me for the review today, we’re looking at Debunk Fresh Live Resin Blend Super Sour Diesel.

I was drawn to this product for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve been disappointed by the consistency of some of the previous products I’ve reviewed. They were more liquid than solid, or a slurry of crystalline substances. I thought that a live resin product packaged in a syringe might offer better consistency.

Secondly, I was curious about what a live resin blend actually was. I learned that most budtenders don’t refer to this package as just a syringe; they call it a Disty Dabber. This term, popularized by brands like Box Hot for their syringe products, is becoming more common in the cannabis industry. The syringe applicator appealed to me as it could easily load into my E-Rig, potentially solving the consistency issues I mentioned earlier.

What Is A Live Resin Blend?

I wasn't sure what to expect from a live resin blend. It could have been a finely mulled slurry of THCA crystals within a distillate 'sauce', which is probably a stretch for this syringe package. Was it a 50-50 blend of both products? Is it distillate created from a live resin substrate? I couldn't tell. This product seemed much more similar to distillate than to live resin.

The THC in this Super Sour Diesel Live Resin blend is mostly decarboxylated, which is another strong indication that this is distillate (828mg/g THC vs 838mg/g Total THC). If there’s any merit to this product being a live resin blend, I wasn’t able to discern it, nor could I verify the presence of any live resin. For most consumers this is more a semantic issue than a concrete one regarding the product, this didn't perform any different than other similar live resin products but, a potential solution for this product specifically would be to clarify how this live resin blend differs from distillate and traditional live resin.

The package gives tries to give some info. I've included the relevant bit exactly how it is written on the package: "With some of the richest live resin hydrocarbon-extracted from fresh frozen nugs, combined with our high-purity distillate this vibrant sativa packs a solid punch of...." Surmising it is meant to say "live resin hydrocarbon-extract" this still doesn't explain why the product is fully decarboxylated.


The taste on high heat is a smooth herb with an earthy myrcene undertone. It’s smooth and non-irritating. I find that most of the material vaporizes in one cycle, and the small amount remaining can be cleaned with a Q-tip. The remaining amount isn’t discoloured, suggesting that I could cycle this again and receive similar tastes.

At the lowest temperatures, the flavors become more pronounced. The profile is centered around herbal notes, complemented by citrus accents and a slight earthy undertone. It’s somewhat reminiscent of subpar champagne. At this temperature, I got 2-3 cycles out of a 3mm length of material. There is some darker material left to wipe away, which makes me wonder if it could last longer.

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In summary, my experience with this product was akin to using distillate. It was packaged in a usable container, allowing me to utilize virtually every last drop. However, if there was any merit to it being a resin blend product, I wasn’t able to perceive it. Therefore, I would compare this to other distillate syringe products on the market, such as Box and the NSFW branded products. While it wasn’t necessarily bad, I found the price tag steep. If it were available for $15-$20, it might be more competitive. As it stands, I found it a bit expensive for what you get.

Product Information


This product was purchased from the Canna Cabana’s Crowfoot location in Calgary for $33.47. As previously mentioned, it is packaged in a glass syringe, and the mass inside is 1 g or 1 mL.


The cannabinoid content of this product is 83.8%, or 838 mg per gram, of which 828 mg are active. This suggests that it is substantially decarboxylated and could be used in an edible. As we don’t purchase many distillate products, it would indeed be beneficial to use our market data to provide context for the price paid. This approach could offer a more accurate comparison and better understanding of the product’s value.

Market Price

Retail Price Per Gram For Distillate Products In Canada (Not In 510 Cartridges)

First, let’s consider the price for 1 g of distillate in any package size. For packages of distillate products of any size, the average price per gram in November, when I purchased this, was $42.96. This is the average price across Canada.

The price I paid, rounded up to $33.50, is 22% less than the average price of $42.96. While this is a significant saving, I still find the price a bit high, especially for comparable products in my region. It’s always important to consider the quality and benefits of the product when evaluating its price. Even though it’s cheaper than the average, if the product doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, it might not be worth the cost.


In conclusion, my perspective is that it’s a distillate in a practical package. While it’s available from various brands, my choice was Debunk. They label it as a live resin blend, but the exact meaning of that remains unclear to me. I also find these products to be somewhat pricey. Thank you all for reading. Looking forward to sharing my next review with you.