LBS Moonbeam

LBS Moonbeam

Riding on a Moonbeam today everyone. This is our 4th and final review of a Leafs by Snoop branded product, or LBS as it’s called post legalization.

Let’s check the stats first.

Moonbeam comes from a can, maybe put there by a man, in a warehouse in Ontario.

The description says, ‘feel illuminated with Moonbeam’ noting the ‘unique’ aroma and indica dominance. We’ll see, but I did sense some upward nature from my first impressions with the profile.

Listed active content ranges 14-26% THC and negligible CBD, my container arrived on the high side of the range, 22% THC and 0.07% CBD.

Date packaged was March 7 2019, and we’re all here for this review, 80 days later— thanks for joining!

The relative terpene graph shown by the vendor lists Moonbeam as limonene dominant, with mycrene and caryophyllene making up the secondary and tertiary terpenes. Interesting to note, the ‘other terpene’ category eclipses the mycrene content group, which tells me one of two things, either this Moonbeam contains a wide array of terpenes, or the dominant terpenes are not present in large quantities. Again, we’re guessing, because they don’t illuminate us with actual content.

So there we go for the stats, let’s look at the flower now.

My one gram container of Moonbeam arrived as 1 larger bud and a few smaller crumbs. Visually, they’re not impressive but don’t underwhelm either.

The description calls this an indica but the buds’ morphology is more hybrid-like. Instead of forming a full bud, the individual sections of each flower are divisible, each forming their own piece of the larger flower.

Trim is lazy, like most Tweed product. Much of the fascia of the large bud is occluded by the errant leaf that is now pressed up against the rest of the flower.

There is some internal tenderness to these buds, tactically, they’re somewhat pleasing. The outer edges maintain crispy fragility, but not so much that I would describe the bud as delicate. It’s standard, some more discerning consumers may regard it as mediocre.

The grinds are just ok, I had no problem finding stuff to zoom into. The flower grinds to a finer mix, which separates slightly from a visible layer of trichomes.

Scent of these flowers are slightly fruit forward, anchored to musks and a good amount of spiced earths. The low tones of the profile are quite chunky, you can sense their presence but made slightly more smooth by the fruit and musk notes.

Heat brings spice and pine into the mix. Coupled to the slightly stringent fruit showcased in the scent, this is actually quite enjoyable. Delicate notes of powdery sweets are present towards the outer edges, flirting with the fierce pines occupying the same space, demonstrating a possible OG influence.

After smelling the Moonbeam I thought it had the allure of a urinal cake. Now that I’ve tasted this proverbial urinal cake, I found it to be fairly dynamic. I’m fond of the character and did regard it as unique.

Pronunciation was good, at first. Longevity was a bit lacking. Left me wanting more, which isn’t a compliment. Hopefully the quality gets better in time, and they can fulfill the expectations set by the asking price.

Price on this single gram was $14.95 from the Alberta Cannabis online store. Although this had some likeable olfactory elements and unique character, I’d still call it a low value proposition. I’m certain there’s some potential in Moonbeam that we didn’t see here, but even at full potential, I’m not sure I’d say it’s worth paying high end prices for.

Thanks for reading everyone, see you on the next!