Natural History ACDC Cookies

Natural History ACDC Cookies

Hey thanks for joining me for this review today.

This is Atlas Growers, and their brand Natural History. Cultivar is a cookie hybrid with a CBD dominant plant, ACDC.

I can knock this down by the numbers; it’s old product (164 days), priced above average (about 15%+), but makes lower than average content (13% THC+CBD). Furthermore, I think you can read below, it doesn’t give a great first impression.

Now that I’ve had a chance to use most of the package, my interpretation of the numbers and my first impression wasn’t predictive of my relationship with the flower. I ended up really liking it, both for function, and the little nuances of taste that I didn’t notice right away.


Intrigued by Cookies with CBD


Good. Mostly purple colouring accented by beige trichomes and light green. Size is an acceptable mix of popcorn and medium sized buds. Shape and details are good on more than half, others seem like lowers.


Tender, not dry, but ground well.


Scent is grassy hay with an aura of dry cheese, like a parmesan. Character doesn’t depart much from a AC/DC or cannatonic.


The tastes emphasize the green grass note, which becomes somewhat sour, and add some resinous citrus, overtop flat vanilla. Character is volatile greens with some interesting secondary notes.


Price was $10.56 per gram, or $36.99 for 3.5 grams. The price point is mid range, but leans towards the high-side of the average.


The flower shows up in good amount, and there’s a new spin on old tastes (for people bored with cannatonic), but some may feel the spin is not enough.


Humidipak, reliability in quality, interesting genetics


Price, quality of some of the smaller buds


Was on sale at the vendor


Wondering why it was on sale at the vendor, not knowing package date