LBS Ocean View

LBS Ocean View

Today we do Ocean View by Tweed, this is another sold under their Leafs By Snoop line. Or LBS as it was called after that law said Snoop Dogg wasn’t allowed to sell pot anymore, but don’t worry, you can still hear him selling generic Viagra on Sirius Radio.

Anyways, Ocean View, what is it? The vendor’s description calls it ‘orange-tinged visually with sweet smells of ripe berries‘, and the bottle says ‘sativa’, so that checks out.

This one is warehouse grown over in Ontario. Packaged September 26 2018 and now we review it, a lengthy 240 days after it was packed.

Content range on this offering was 9-19% THC, CBD ranges 0-0.1%. The package arrived to me with 11.9% THC and 0.07% CBD, I suppose we should just be glad to be in the double digits.

The vendor gives a relative terpene graph, this offering has 63% myrcene, which is a bit of a red flag. We don’t get to know the total terpene content, just that more than half of it is myrcene. So I’m not expecting anything exotic here, but let’s keep an open mind anyways.

Ocean View, a cannabis cultivar named after the best type of hotel room, let’s take a look at it.

Visuals are the usual Tweed quality, nothing too attractive or disturbing going on here. I received smaller buds in my one gram package, but they’re all fairly full and look like they could have been removed from a larger bud.

Trim is like most of the Tweed offerings I see, there’s some leaf left on the underside of the buds, some of it has turned brown. This likely doesn’t detract from the overall value but does cause the overall look to suffer.

Otherwise, the buds are fairly standard up close. Plump shape with some deeper greens and pistils leaning towards reddish-brown.

The buds are fragile, I can pinch them to dust at their widest point. Whatever moisture content this had is no longer present. I anticipate this grinds to a dust capable of being carried by a gentle breeze. I often regard this with little consequence because I vaporize, but we’re really ratcheting down the moisture content here, so I’ll see if I feel that way when I use it.

Grinds aren’t that great, I can see the litter of pre-mature growth, small but numerous.

Smell of these flowers are quite musky when ground, it does have that waterfront feel. There are some nice creamy greens and spicy pepper tying it all in, but most of what’s shown here is musky earth.

Heat in the vaporizer charges the spicier elements of the profile, bringing them to the frontage. It doesn’t kick like a mule, but it does bring it into a slightly more aggressive stance. The cooler musks are still maintained against the low tone earths, but I can almost sense some haze as the character expands with heat.

Pronunciation is poor, so is longevity. There was enough character to describe, but it’s fleeting. Just my read on the container I purchased, but I thought performance was very poor.

Price on this single gram from the online store is $14.95. I’m skeptical on the value at this price point, moreover, I think there are several better choices available here. We looked at Broken Coast’s Galliano (Northern Lights Haze), originally bred by the late Neville Schoenmakers, also available for $15 per gram. The 7ACRES Jean Guy is available at $16 per single gram and quality was substantially better. Some of the flavours also reminded me of TerrAscend’s Sweet Skunk, which was cheaper, and a respectable step up in quality (12.99). I named three, but I think there are several other better alternatives to this Ocean View.

I’m curious to look at stock status for this one, because the date packaged was actually previous to the cannabis act. I anticipate Tweed’s kept this in stock the entire time.

Alright, turns out I was wrong about keeping it in stock. Prices look acceptable in British Columbia, but who cares? I would tell you this is one you can skip, but hey, that’s just one person’s opinion.

Alright, we got the Ocean View hotel, but the view was only partial, and the air conditioner didn’t work. We didn’t touch the minibar but they charged our credit card with an extra anyways. There was potential seen here, fruit was decent and the waterfront was somewhat picturesque, but under these conditions, we can’t leave a good review, for the hotel.

Thanks for reading everyone!