Organnicraft Lilac Diesel

Organnicraft Lilac Diesel

Organnicraft brings bright flavours and great quality flower, at a favorable price with their Lilac Diesel.


Thanks for joining me today. Got a pretty straight shot here; it’s a quality product for a price that I felt good paying.

One night my fiancee has to get gas for her car, and there’s a new Value Buds nearby, so I decided to go with her.

At the store I asked about this Lilac Diesel for $23 and two other bud tenders came out the back that seemed pretty excited about it. They asked if I ever had it before. Seemingly in awe, raising their eyebrows at me like we’re all teenagers talking about losing our virginities. And I bought it, like yeah, I’ll try it, but my Dad’s gonna kill me if he finds out.


This is bred by Ethos. On one side its a cross of Super Silver Haze and a Cherry Pie, Tangie cross called Forbidden Fruit. On the other side, it’s a Cherry Pie, with a Citral Glue. 


Half-quarter prices are good, but not great. I think $24 is creeping up to the high side of optimal, but it’s safer than the other side; creeping down under $20 into the $15 territory.

Value was calculated as excellent, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. Check out this post on how value is calculated for my whole flower purchases. 


The quality is excellent, I think you get good mileage for the price you pay. All the buds are larger, and shapely. Trim is near flawless; it’s not shaggy or trimmed too much. Surface detail is great. Feel is top notch. And the olfaction is prominent across a wealth of notes. If you want to be really picky, the colouring is neutral and I found a few undeveloped seeds in the macro photos.

The profile was great, bright and punchy with a good mix of some lighter and heavier elements. The diesel tone is closer to what you’d get from a Mexican Sativa, with less skunky fog, and more woodsy haze. I found the lighter side soft and fruity, which takes some of the edge off, but there’s still some electricity left in the profile. 

If I were to see this blind, I imagine I’d call this a haze, not a diesel. Character feels like an aggressive Blue Dream.  

Cannabinoid Content

We’re at 18% THC on the package I review here. Which I’d relate is about average, but perhaps not by today’s standards.

Price is lower than average for the my purchase history in package size, both in general and from the vendor (Value Buds). I’d speculate the cannabinoid content may be a reason why. This producer (Organnicraft) has another offering out in this package size, a Cherry Punch, which is listed above 22% THC, and priced higher at $39.

Either way, the quality I saw here trumps any trade-off for cannabinoid content, which I argue is negligible anyways.

Terpene Content

Is listed at 4.6%


Despite being older than average, this flower felt fresh. I used a few buds and put the jar down for a full week. The week old buds feel as good as they did last week.


Excellent value for a product of great quality.

Priced lower than average.

Flavour profile features brighter tastes punched up by a fairly active base.

Packaged time was longer than average, freshness was still found to be great.

Cannabinoid content may be lower than average but I’d encourage readers to take advantage of the break on price, if so.


Thanks for reading this post. The full readout of all the purchase stats and averages is below.


I paid $23.97 or $6.85 per gram for this Organnicraft product. I typically pay $9.29 per gram which puts this Organnicraft product about 26% lower than the average I usually pay.

Organnicraft Review History

I've reviewed 3 offerings of Organnicraft product totalling to $182.51. Of those reviews, 3 were for a 3.5g package of flower which averages to $10.43 per gram, 12.2% higher than the average for a 3.5g package across all purchases ($9.29 per gram).

Value Buds Purchase History

I've made 35 purchases at Value Buds totalling to $1,142.88.

Of those purchases, 23 were for a 3.5g package of flower which averages to $7.16 per gram, -23.0% lower than the average for a 3.5g package across all purchases ($9.29 per gram).

On average, a flower product purchased from Value Buds has spent 108.9 days in the package before purchase, or 11.3% higher than the average for a purchase from any vendor (98 days).

Market Information

from CannStandard

Market Information

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October Top Selling Products

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October Top Selling Brands

Organnicraft did not appear on our estimate of the top 20 flower brands by market share in October 2021.

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