Paper's Craft Truffle Fuel

Paper's Craft Truffle Fuel

Hello, everyone! Today, we're reviewing Carmel Cannabis, specifically Billy's Pheno. I have a generally positive outlook on these processed offerings; they tend to push the boundaries in terms of new genetics and overall quality. However, I often find it challenging to categorize them accurately. My preference is to give credit to the actual grower rather than just the brand. Still, as these brands have become more abundant and better stocked, it's become somewhat tricky. BC Black is a prime example. We used to categorize them individually in CannStandard data, but recently, we had to group all producers under the BC Black brand, which may be more appropriate in any case.

For these pancake reviews, I'd like to credit the grower. I called this one by the producer, Paper's Craft and I guess you have to read down a bit to know that it’s a Carmel offering, which is what brought me to buy it in the first place. I was searching for something produced by Carmel Cannabis as a treat for myself.

I purchased this product at Canna Cabana, and I've noticed that it tends to sell out quite quickly. They also had KK S'mores available around the same time, and this particular product left the store even faster.

I was initially surprised to discover that this product wasn't produced by Carmel but rather by an Alberta-based company called Papers Craft. There was an initial sense of disappointment, as I had been seeking something produced by Carmel. However, that disappointment quickly faded when I opened the package. What I found inside was just as good, if not better.


The cultivar under review today is called Truffle Fuel, purportedly bred by Papers Craft. It's said to be a cross between White Truffle and Jet Fuel.


My 3.5-gram package arrived with three buds, all of which appear to be apical nodes. One of them is a large bud, while the other two are of medium size. The structure is quite fascinating and somewhat unique, featuring some stubby fox tails. The trichome coverage is notably very good.


Feel is firm and dense.


The scent of this product is sweet, dirty, and gassy. The gas aspect is particularly raspy and unencumbered by any earthy tones to mellow it out, which is further emphasized by some sulphur tones.


In terms of taste, it's smooth, with prominent sandy earthy flavors accompanied by notes of petrol and woodsy resins. The fuel aspect dominates, and while there may not be a wide distribution of secondary notes, it brings a distinctive character.


Despite being priced at a nearly 20% premium above our average for the package size, this offering was well worth every penny. It's currently out of stock, but if given the chance, I would definitely purchase it again. This product also put Papers Craft on the map for me, not only as a grower but as a breeder, as I believe they bred this variety. In terms of quality cannabis, it deserves an A+ rating.

Product Stats

I reviewed this product on September 11, 2023, which was seven days after I purchased it.

Package Date

I purchased this product on September 4, 2023, and it was packaged on July 13, 2023. This means the cannabis only spent 53 days in the package, which is 46% less than the current average we observe for our recreational purchases, typically around 98 days.


The price I paid for this 3.5-gram package was $38.24, equivalent to $10.93 per gram. This price is 17% higher than what we are accustomed to paying for a 3.5-gram package, typically priced at $9.31 per gram.

Read more about what we spend on each package size here.

Here's a quick look at the 3.5 gram products I've purchased by their brands and markets of origin. This figure is heavily weighted towards the recreational market.


The cannabinoid content is incredibly high, at 32.6% THC plus CBD. This puts it a remarkable 56.9% higher than the average content made up by all of our flower purchases, which typically averages at 20.8% THC plus CBD.

View the summary of cannabinoid content across our purchases here.

Carmel Review History

This marks my eighth review of a Carmel product, totaling $471.66 in spending. Out of these reviews, seven were for 3.5-gram packages of cannabis flower, which averaged out to $12.85 per gram. This price is notably 38% higher than what we typically pay for a 3.5-gram package, set at $9.31 per gram.

Canna Cabana Purchase History

I've made a total of 21 purchases at Cana Cabana, amounting to $730.22 in spending. Among these purchases, the 3.5-gram packages of flower averaged out to $9.93 per gram, which is 6.7% higher than the average price we usually pay for a 3.5-gram package, set at $9.31 per gram.

On average, the flower product purchases I've made from Cabana have spent approximately 83.7 days in the package. This is approximately 50% lower than the average packaging time we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically stands at 98 days.

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were on September 30 2023. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

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Data Refreshed September 30 2023

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