Partake Blueberry Pancakes

Partake Blueberry Pancakes

Hey pancakenap here, I'm opening a package of Partake’s Blueberry Pancakes.

A couple of things to discuss before I dive into it. I'm familiar with Partake and that they have their own quality standard. This marks my first encounter with their flower, and I'm eager to see the quality.

The second aspect that comes to mind in this review is the name of this offering: Blueberry Pancakes. It is a product of the Humboldt Seed Company, distinguishing it from the Humboldt Seed Organization. Personally, they (HSC) weren't really on my radar before, but now I've come across some intriguing offerings that I've traced back to them. As a result, I have gained a more informed perspective on their offerings.


I'm not actually sure what this is. If you Google Blueberry Pancakes, a few different linages come up. Let's walk through the logic and see if there's room to guess.

Here's the marketing copy from Partake's website "Created by merging the Blueberry S1 and the Pancake genetics." Reading it strictly, I think we're led to believe this is DJ Short's feminized Blueberry with the Cookies-Seed Junky creation called Pancakes that was released a year or two ago. Although I can't find a breeder for this specific lineage.

Blueberry Pancakes – Partake Cannabis

What's confusing is there's a Blueberry Pancakes from Humboldt Seed Company, which uses InHouse Slurricane in a backcrossing process with Blueberry Pancakes but doesn't actually divulge the lineage of the first generation Blueberry Pancakes plant. However it is very unlikely that the first generation Blueberry Pancakes and Partake's Blueberry Pancakes are the same. Moreover, Seedfinder cites the first generation constituent in HSC Blueberry Pancakes as Purple Punch.

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Link to breeder website

So, it seems like we're looking at something Partake, or someone else created, but it's different than Humbolt Seed Company's Blueberry Pancakes.

This is why I'm a fan of genotyping and chemical fingerprinting to create a database that can compare these offerings by their genetic similarities and differences. Although, I really like the lore of cannabis lineages, cultivar names and their breeders, it'd be better if consumers could navigate the market with hard genetic data.


I can't say that opening the package provides an impressive experience. The buds are, for the most part, small, which is always disappointing for the consumer. While this isn't a major determinant of quality, it does set the stage.

The buds are very colourful, with deep purple and bright orange stigma that steals the limelight from the trichome coverage. However, as mentioned before, the trichome coverage ends up being pretty basic. Despite the buds being small to medium in size, they exhibit some very interesting surface details. Ranging from large to small, there is excellent density and development, further emphasizing that bud size may not be a differentiator of quality.


Initial smells are reminiscent of funky banana rind. The projection is good, and there's a distinct character that seems full. I'm looking forward to delving into this.

Grinding it unleashes some earthy and herbal spice notes, but the character remains the same with a funky banana essence, accented by a subtle petrol kick. There's a whole grain granola feel, aligning with the idea of it being pancake-like. However, there's little to no blueberry presence; I would relate it more to a banana pancake, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The projection is good, and the character is well-defined, but it doesn't occupy a wide dimension of tastes; it's a bit narrow.

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The taste is earthy, accompanied by a flurry of herbal spices like ginger and nutmeg, which bring a sense of calmness to the profile. The secondary banana note appears tart and flat, offering a complement to the majority of the flavor character. I would liken it to cookie-type tastes, though they seem a bit different due to the lack of sweetness. The flavor profile remains on the bitter side, but it's balanced. The character offered here is fairly average; there aren't a lot of intense gases or bright fruit or funky sulfurs to speak of. I'd compare it to a Girl Scout cookie with a few extra tropical notes instead of sweet notes.

Coming back to it is nice. There's a clear and defined note of fruity banana resin that stands out.


As I complete this review in mid-January 2024, I can affirm that the memory of this product truly holds up, and I've revisited Partake since. While the buds may not have had a striking visual appeal, the overall performance justified the price, particularly for the clarity of taste. There's something to the cultivar, but it's not enough to merit a purchase on its own. What makes it a worthwhile investment is the well-executed production.

Product Stats

Package Date

I purchased this product on November 27, 2023, and the packaging date was September 16, 2023. This means it spent approximately 72 days in the package, which is about 19.7% less than the average we observe in the medical market, typically around 60.17 days.


The cannabinoid content is indicated as 23.6% THC and 0.0% CBD. This is 12.0% higher than the average we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically hovers around 21.1% THC combined with CBD.

Terpene content is shown as 1.60% which is 44.7% lower than the average we usually see on the package (2.89% of any terpene).


According to the CannStandard data, the average price for a 7g package of cannabis is $47.60 or $6.80 per gram.

Market average for a 7 gram package of cannabis

I paid about $46 to get this product from Mendo Market, which is a few points less than the average we typically pay and the market average from about 1000 stores.

Partake Review History

This is the first Partake product I’ve purchased. As mentioned earlier, I’ve bought another product since finalizing this review, providing another data point for comparison. A quarter ounce of Partake cannabis, considering the two I’ve purchased, averages to $6.36 per gram. This is 7.4% lower than the average I’ve paid for a quarter ounce of cannabis over the past eight years, which stands at $6.87 per gram.

Mendo Cannabis Purchase History

I’ve purchased 13 products from Mendo Cannabis, totaling $494.57. Among those purchases, six were for a quarter-ounce package of flower, and those transactions averaged to $6.77 per gram. This is 1.4% lower than the average I usually pay for a quarter-ounce package of all-flower cannabis, which is $6.87 per gram.

On average, flower products purchased from Mendo Cannabis have spent 102.4 days in the package before purchase, which is 70% higher than the average I've tracked from any medical vendor, which is 60.2 days.

Market Information

from CannStandard

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