Redecan Wappa

Redecan Wappa

Today we look at Wappa, bred by Paradise Seeds. This is our 4th time reviewing Wappa, this one happens to be produced by Redecan.


I called them neutral. Up close, I think they look good. The trim is exact. On this one gram package, that means smaller buds. This is a trade-off I’ve come to know about Redecan single grams, I tend to get smaller buds, but they’re trimmed uniformly. 


Feel was within acceptable range; compressible, not fragile. 

Scent and taste

Were both entirely standard, and true to the Wappa Profile. 


Value is high, there are a few Wappa’s in this price segment, this is the best of them. While I feel favourable about the Redecan Wappa, I liked both the Fireside Wappa and the 7ACRES Wappa better, but both have their respective jumps in price.

Thanks for reading today’s review.