Review Schedule

Review Schedule

New retail reviews are posted and emailed to members on Wednesdays. Reviews of home grown product or data summaries will be published throughout the week.

Scheduled Items

  • MTL Jungl' Cake - December 6 2023
  • 7ACRES Dosi-God-OG - December 13 2023

Waiting For November Market Data

  • Holy Mountain Serial Jelousy
  • Greybeard DJ Melon
  • Baked by Premium Select MAC 'n Jelly
  • Thumbs Up Day and Night
  • Dank Drops East Coast Yuzu

In Progess

  • Carmel Rares Golden Crisp
  • Debunk Fresh Super Sour Diesel Live Resin Blend
  • Mr White’s Garden Sweet Zombie
  • Poncho Farms Live Rosin
  • Partake Blueberry Pancakes
  • The Doghouse Grease Monkey
  • JBuds Pink Slurricane
  • Msiku Star Struck
  • Selkirk Farms Burt Reynolds
  • Distinkt Nitro Sweet Fuel OG
  • POLAR Skunk Shocker Live Rosin
  • Sauce Tire Fire OG Live Rosin
  • The Doghouse Garlicane
  • Woody Nelson SSOG
  • Purplefarm Club 41
  • Jonny Chronic Cherry Bomb
  • Kootenay Living Soil Collective Kush Mints