Slurty3 From Carmel

Slurty3 From Carmel


Squid Pants here with another offering from Carmel.  This offering was seeing some buzz online and I decided it might be worth splurging on.  Let’s see if it hits our expectations.


Slurty3 is Slurricane X Gelato 33 and was bred by Purple City Genetics.  Two lines that have been around for a bit, yes, but both are still noteworthy.  Going to cut to the chase a bit and say that I really like the combination of the two here.  I like it enough I’m almost wishing for a stray seed to be in there so I can grow it myself.


Both I and Pancakenap have looked at Carmel offerings in the past, so why not go back through the site archive and enjoy some of our past reviews to find out more about Carmel.

Carmel - pancakenap


We have the now familiar orange mylar bag with a small humidicant pack included.  As I keep saying I don’t believe any of the percentages listed on anybody’s products so as per what has become usual I won’t be reporting the numbers here.  If you are curious, the photos have all the details.

Dominant terpenes listed are Caryophyllene, Farnesene and Myrcene.

This was packaged on December 10th, 2023 and I opened it 81 days later on February 29th, 2024.


We have one honking big bud and a couple smalls to round out the weight.  Colours are plentiful here, with bright orange stigmas, on the buds themselves we find dark purples, greens and even sandy orange tones.  Trichome density is high, obscuring the surfaces of the buds.  I do very much like what I’m seeing.


Feel approaches perfect, perfect humidity, perfect density, feels great grinding but could be a little sticker.  I like my weed sticky but less sticky doesn’t mean bad, just not my preference.


The terpenes on the pack are indeed a major part of the composition, but beyond those scents we have fruitiness that emerges after giving the bud a squeeze while anise and eucalyptus also play a supporting role.  There is some nice depth to the composition here.


Earthy fruitiness with an almost nutmeg like warmth underneath, has all the comfort of a fruit dish with lots of nutmeg and other warm spices on a winter’s night.

Price and Value

Well here’s where reality comes crashing home.  Carmel in general is an expensive brand and at $49.30 for a half quarter (which works out to $14.09 a gram) from The OCS this is certainly no exception to that rule.  I clearly find enough value in the brand to get over the sticker shock but a bag from them is very much an occasional splurge these days.  Your mileage may vary but I find if an offering from them intrigues me I am rarely let down.


I saw this offering rising up the ranks on BudTrendz and checking the original reviews the sentiment was really positive which convinced me to take the plunge on it.  Now of course I am a Carmel fan so it was an easy job to sell myself on it.

So let me end on an appreciative note.  I review but I also rely on other reviewers to help me find what I may like when I’m looking to buy myself.  As such, thank you to everyone else out there doing quality reviews, I really appreciate your work and hope on occasion people get similar utility from my reviews.

Thanks for reading today!

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