Sundae Strudel From 3Saints

Sundae Strudel From 3Saints


It’s Squid Pants here and today I am checking out a single gram package.  Yeah, they still do exist!  Expectations are tempered by the fact that it’s impossible to show off the best a producer can achieve in such a small package, but we should be able to get a good feel for what this flower has to offer regardless.

Sundae Strudel

Sundae Strudel is Cherry Strudel X Sundae Driver and was bred by Cannarado.  The presence of Sundae Driver in the ancestry is what sold me on giving this a try.


3Saints grows out of Quebec.  They use hybrid greenhouses which to my understanding (and I am wrong often enough if you are curious it’s worth looking up and not taking my word for it) means sunlight plus however much artificial light is needed for the time of year.  They also primarily water from rain water they collect from modified roofs on their greenhouses.

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Generic black mylar bag, absolutely nothing exciting here.  No humidicant pack was included.  As usual if you want the numbers they are in the photo but I don’t believe them.  No dominant terpenes are listed.

This was packaged on January 11th, 2024 and I opened it a mere 49 days later.  Given I have no idea when it was harvested we can at least say the deficiencies are not due to staying in the package too long.


Not the easiest thing to judge with a single gram since I just have a few random bud chunks, but I can make a few observations.  Colour is even light green and trichome coverage is respectable.  Trim seems good.

I did say only a few observations, that’s all I got.


Feel is dead fucking dry, just crumbles under compression.  The biggest bits had little moisture left in the deepest parts, but really this is just way too dry.

I tried throwing in a humidicant pack.  After a few days it wasn’t any better.


The main theme here is faintness.  Maybe it’s because it’s over dry but scents were hard to tease out and took effort to identify.  That said, what I think I detected were primarily  anise and Myrcene.  After grinding berry elements seemed to emerge.


Taste seemed to be bi-elemental.  The fainter element is most reminiscent of pina colada, but the more dominant element, which was mild but still easily detected, was an off putting seaweed taste.  The good news is that the weird seaweed taste faded fast, but in the end there was barely enough taste to mention anyway.

Price and Value

This single gram was $6.95, which feels expensive for what I got.  In fact that’s the story here, I just didn’t get much at all for the money I spent.  Hard to put my finger on anything that makes this product attractive.


In the modern market people buy single grams to test the waters to see if they want to buy a bigger package.  Therefore it behoves the producer to put their best forward to try to convince you to invest in a larger package size.  Single grams are like an elevator pitch, you have a tiny amount of time to get me interested, and a failure means that a second thought will likely never be given.  That’s where I find myself here, I got the quick pitch to buy more, and I’m just unimpressed.  I don’t see me giving this brand a try again unless I hear some good buzz about them.