Super Silver Haze From Kronic

Despite initial skepticism due to unexpected tastes and scents, the quality of the product, judged on its own merits, led to a positive review.

Super Silver Haze From Kronic


It’s Squid Pants here, and yet again I’m looking for modern takes on old school genetics.  In this case I found something a bit enigmatic but inarguably quite good.  So let’s take a look at the details.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a three way cross of the back-bones of last century’s Dutch genetics; Skunk #1, Northern Lights and of course Haze.  It’s also a variety that I’m fond of so I was quite excited to see it show up in the Ontario recreational market recently.


Kronic is based in my home of Toronto, Ontario.  Past the usual marketing copy on the site what struck me as important is their genetics library.  The offerings they have available to produce are quite solid if grown under the care of great growers.


This offering comes in a perfectly acceptable looking opaque glass jar.  The tree-hugger part of me doesn’t like the heavy packaging but the connoisseur part of me does love the way glass keeps really good cannabis fresh for a good while.

There are a bunch of numbers on the label.  In general I enter the label stats into this site’s database for our research purposes but I don’t find they are representative of what I experience so I stopped including them in my reviews.

Even though it’s not a complete picture of scent and taste, I’ll mention the top three detected terpenes were β-caryophyllene, trans-Nerolidol and d-Limonene.

This cannabis was packaged on July 11, 2023 and I opened it a mere 79 days later.


Even green with dark green patches, buds are small to medium with acceptable trichome coverare.  Quite well trimmed, surface morphology is highlighted.  Structure is a little loose with smaller sized bracts but that’s to be expected with Haze in the ancestry.  This does in fact look like what I hoped it would look like, so to me it looks great.


Nicely firm with good return, humidity feels great (62% Boveda pack is included so ideal humidity is not a surprise).  Buds pick apart easily as thanks to the Haze genetics they are a little loose.  Grinds easily and grounds are fluffy with good cohesion.


Upon opening we a fresh, almost minty scent along with vegetative and lemon notes.  This isn’t the loudest but it’s not shy either.

Ground, earths come forward with hints of fuel and a hazy spiciness.  Citrus keeps top billing even after grinding.

The composition is quite pleasing but it’s not the profile that I remember.  If you gave this to me blind I would swear it’s a Gelato.  This unexpected profile also holds when examining tastes.

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Bit more tropical fruitiness, it honestly reminded me of an earthier gelato.  It’s not my memory of Super Silver Haze but that doesn’t mean it’s not in fact Super Silver Haze.  At some point someone was growing out a lot of Super Silver Haze seeds to find the one they wanted to call their own.  If they found something that had all the physical and chemical traits they wanted but with a scent and taste profile they think set them apart, then they got something special and unique to them.  It could also be that something about their drying and curing lends a unique profile to the final product.  Finally there could have been an error at packaging and the wrong cannabis ended up in this package.  Such mistakes are very rare but do happen and Kronic has Gelatos in their library, but looking at what Kronic has in production around when this was packaged I don’t think they had any Gelato of any description ready to package.  Regardless of the fact it’s not the profile I expected, it's honestly quite nice so none of the above is actually a complaint, just an expression of surprise.

Price and Value

I got this 3.5 gram jar from the OCS where I paid $45.95.  That works out to $13.13 per gram, a premium price.

I do these reviews with my Volcano exclusively these days, but I sat on this review for a long time and finished off the jar in joints.  So as a bonus I will state that by all combustion metrics this is a very fine offering too, so this is a premium product regardless of consumption method.  Only you can really say what you are willing to pay a premium for, but if you are comfortable with the more expensive end of cannabis prices this does check all the boxes.


I am still a little off balance by the scent and taste profile but that doesn’t change the fact that I liked what I got.  I mentioned above that I sat on this review for a bit and it all had to do with how I felt about the unexpected tastes and scents.  I was originally negative on it because it didn’t match my expectations but I suspected I was being unfair and needed to judge this on its own merits.  I’m glad I gave a pause before coming back to this one as in the end the quality of the product in isolation overshadowed my imposed expectations and I was able to give this the positive review it deserves.

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