Tuck Shop Purple Fuel

Tuck Shop Purple Fuel

Hey thanks for joining me today, we're looking at Purple Fuel from Tuck Shop and this is sold in their packs called "The Zip".

Initial Thoughts

I've been tracking cannabis trends on Bud Trendz, which often focuses on Ontario. This has made it challenging to find trending products locally in Alberta. So, when Tuck Shop’s Purple Fuel appeared on Bud Trendz as the number one trending strain, I was intrigued. Although I had hoped to find Ghost OG at the store, I was willing to try Purple Fuel.


The Purple Fuel buds make a good first impression. They are well-trimmed, with minimal petiole and discolored stems. The majority of the buds are of good size, with a few medium-sized pieces. There were some small bits and dust, which is typical for this package size. Overall, the visual quality is impressive and leaves little to complain about.

Aroma and Taste

The flavor profile of Purple Fuel is distinctive and well-balanced. The initial taste presents a strong pine frontage, followed by a soapy undertone. There’s depth to the woody flavors, which become dank towards the lower end of the profile. This combination creates a well-pronounced and enjoyable taste experience.

Purchase Details

  • Store: Bud Bar in Calgary
  • Breeder: Reverse Genetics
  • Date Purchased: March 25, 2024
  • Date Reviewed: April 8, 2024 (two weeks after purchase)
  • Packaging Date: February 23, 2024
  • Days in Package: 31 days

I used a discount code to purchase this 28-gram package for $130.49, which works out to $4.66 per gram. This price is 32% higher than my usual average of $3.52 per gram for a 28-gram package.

Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content of Purple Fuel is reported to be 32% THC. This is significantly higher, by 49.3%, than the average THC content of 21.4% across my other dried flower purchases.


The lineage of Purple Fuel is (Tropical Runtz x Bakers Dozen) x Biscotti. This genetic background contributes to its unique flavor and potent effects.

Overall Impression

This was my first time purchasing a product from Tuck Shop, and based on the quality of Purple Fuel, I would return. The buds were visually appealing, and the flavor profile was robust and well-balanced. Despite the higher price point, the quality justifies the cost.

Vendor and Price History

  • Total Spent at Bud Bar: $702.82
  • Total Ounces Purchased from Bud Bar: 3 ounces
  • Average Price per Gram from Bud Bar (Ounce Packages): $5.74 (63% higher than my usual average of $3.52 per gram)

The products purchased from Bud Bar have spent an average of 31 days in the package, which is 18% lower than the average time of 96.5 days for products from other vendors.


Tuck Shop’s Purple Fuel stands out for its high quality despite being on the pricier side. Its impressive visual appeal and well-balanced taste profile make it a worthwhile purchase. The higher THC content further adds to its value, making it a strong contender in the premium cannabis market. Based on this experience, I am inclined to explore more products from Tuck Shop and continue purchasing from Bud Bar.