Up 50 Kush

Up 50 Kush

We’re going to look at 50 Kush today, this one is by Up.

Like all Up’s offerings, I’m not sure what this is, or why I would care about it. They’ve used the word ‘Kush’ in this listing, so, there’s that.

Reading the description, you could peg it as a OG Kush, or maybe a Chemdawg. 50 Kush is Up’s ‘tribute to the past’, they say describe it as ‘earthy pine, sour lemon scent with woody undertones’.

Major terpenes are myrcene (36.9%) A/B Pinene (32.8%), and beta caryophyllene (16.8%). “Other” terpenes occupy 13.5%, not so bad at all.

Active content ranges from 10-18% THC on the listing, what arrived has 12.4% THC and 0.03% CBD.

Up grew this in a greenhouse in Niagara Ontario. We perform this review 218 days after the packing date (November 7 2018).

Ok, let’s open this package and hope for the best.

Visuals are very poor. Buds are scant crumbs, pocked with holes marking housing immature seeds. We’ve seen this twice before from Up, now here again. You don’t even need me to tell you, they’re reliable.

Tactually, the buds are crispy and dry. Most will be able to crush this by hand.

Grinds very fine, with no observable cohesion. Has the consistency of powdered sugar, dry and dusty. Surely it’s crap to combust and should go quick in the vape, nothing but surface area here.

Scent of these buds is nondescript, hard to decipher a character from it. Present but not recognizable. Perhaps the myrcene is evident but nothing else.

Flavours seem more pine/skunk than anything, but the profile is completely devoid of character. Tastes like a faint Warlock. There’s absolutely nothing going on.

There’s no reason to talk pronunciation or longevity here, there was none.

Price on this single gram was $12.95. There’s no value here. Keep your money, give it away, light it on fire; whatever, all are better choices. If you want a shitty OG Kush type, check out Organigram’s City Lights, I hated it, and I whole heartedly recommend it to you over 50 Kush. Plus you save about $3 per gram. I cannot fathom how another living person thought this offering would fly at this price.

I’m not even going to bother looking at prices for 50 Kush. Up is in 5 provinces at the time of writing, so you have a chance to be disappointed in most parts of the country.

For those liking flavour profiles that this ’50 Kush’ claimed to have, check out Tweed’s Donegal, it’s vastly better quality and $0.50 cheaper. For $2 more, Broken Coast has a couple offerings of OG tones, orchestrated in cannon.

The nail in the coffin for stuff like this, in my opinion, actually comes from Aphria. I just reviewed their Sour Kush (or Sense), similar offering and the difference in quality is overt– Aphria’s price is also 26% cheaper for the same package size. It’s under $10 per gram, that’s what’s Up.

I look at Up like I look at a Unicorn wearing tight corduroy pants on a hot day. How do you even exist? And now that I see that you do, I’m afraid you’re making really, really poor choices. You could price this out at $5 per gram and it still couldn’t compete.

Anyways, I’ve done 3 of 6 Up offerings so far. Look for me later on, begrudgingly review the remaining three. Meridian, Grace and Eldo they’re called, don’t know what those are, but I can guess they’ll be aged, and utility quality at top tier prices.

Thanks for reading.