Broken Coast Quadra

Broken Coast Quadra

We have Karma’s Headstash today. This was grown by Broken Coast and they call it Quadra, which is an island in between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver island.

Check back to my review of Karma’s Headbanger, I called it trendy cannabis. If you’re willing to accept a 2013 release as trendy, hold on to your hat, this is newer, so its even trendier.

In general, Headstash is a mix of two cultivars that both include a staple of Californian cannabis and Durban Poison, with two OG cultivars. I surmise the popularity of this cross was a short segue into the dessert flavours that came after it, but I still think there is a cool factor here.

The Headstash lineage is best described in three steps, the initial cross of Cannarado’s Cherry Pie to Girl Scout Cookie, the progeny of which was crossed to KarmaRado OG (2nd step). In the final step, progeny from the second generation are crossed to Karma’s Biker Kush.

We learned about Biker Kush in the Headbanger review, put simply, it’s an OG incross with a bit of blackberry early on and a bit of SFV OG Kush a bit later. KarmaRado OG is similar, it’s a blend of three OG’s done by Cannarado and Karma in collaboration.

The lineage on the Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies are somewhat adjacent to each other, both are Durban Poison crosses, the difference is Cherry Pie incorporates GrandDaddy Purp and Girl Scout Cookies uses an OG Kush.

By itself, I think the offering is really cool. I’ve grown Headstash and I can’t say enough good about it. In the expanse of our Canadian cannabis market, Headstash is damn near the bell of the ball. At the time of writing, there’s only a few other offerings with similar clout.

Let’s check the listings stats on this.

Described as ‘named after Quadra Island‘, we can expect ‘funky kush flavour and notes of mandarin zest‘.

Content ranges from 14.1% – 24.2% THC. CBD is negligible, this is a THC dominant offering. What actually arrived ranks towards the low half of the range, 18.4% THC.

Dominant terpene is caryophyllene (20.7%), followed by limonene (17.2%) and terpineol (11.5%). The remaining 50.6% terpenes are relocated to the other category, which pretty much makes this relative terpene graph useless.

No surprise here, this was produced in British Columbia, in a warehouse. Date packaged was December 19 2018, and you got me here for the review, 197 days later.

Visuals are great, appropriate for the price. My single gram package arrived as one whole bud, again, which I expect at this price. Colouring is excellent, nearly black purple hues contrast rich brown stigmas and a wealth of trichome coverage.

My Quadra is dry and crispy. With that being said, there is strong structure to this bud, I’d have to work on it if I were to crush it by hand.

Here are the grinds, really nothing to see in them, but feel free to check the video anyways.

Scents are good, has some kick from a low tone berry with high side reach. Character leans well into the OG spectrum, strong pines touched by thick petrols, pairing well with the low tone berry that runs adjacent.

Heat brings the flavours towards pine-heavy OG, with a section of citrus, reminiscent of the mandarin zest described by the vendor. The apex of the profile is near acrid, presenting offensive before proceeding into fresh pines over bright berry, which is highly suggestive of GrandDaddy Purple.

Pronunciation is above standard, I found the tastes hard to place, but they do come with momentum. I’m favourable on the longevity, didn’t mind the narrative, I thought it started out strange and ended in comfortable berry, remaining true to the original composition.

Price on this single gram of Headstash (or Quadra) was $14.95. In the current market, I’d run out of fingers and toes counting offerings priced similarly that aren’t half this quality, so I can make the easy case for it in that context. This is now my 5th review of a Broken Coast product purchased through this store, I feel like 80% were recommendable, I’d tell you the product is reliable. With that being said, by my view of the historical market, a $15 single gram is expensive, probably by a range of 15-25%. Still, no complaints from me, prices are high in Alberta, or maybe I’ve gone soft, let’s check how this looks around the country.

Across the board, you pay a premium over the average listing price for Broken Coast cannabis, looks like it’s around 25%. For occasional purchases, the extra money is worth it. For bulk purchases, and long term, $15 per gram may become unaffordable for some and it’s a substantial increase over historical prices, even for this quality.

There you go, Broken Coast’s Headstash or Quadra. Strange opening, with an authentic dry down. After a while I got to like the character, but found it off-putting initially, for some it may be an acquired taste.

My sincere thanks for reading (how else would you be able to enjoy my work?). See you on the next one.