Fair Canna Care AC/DC

A low quality, economy offering from Fair Canna Care with minimal taste and scent, made up of smaller buds and stems.

Fair Canna Care AC/DC

The AC/DC is a NorStar Genetics variety, they coin it as a cannatonic phenotype demonstrating sativa morphology. From the bit of research I’ve been able to do, the popularity of this variety seems to be driven by its reliable cannabinoid profile, which usually lands about 1:20 THC to CBD. Put another way, it reliably makes low levels of THC and high levels of CBD.

With a CBD dominant variety, I’m really looking for taste. Doesn’t matter what taste, just as long as it’s interesting. This has none of that. There might be a bit of earth in there, perhaps a bit of berry or maybe its just my imagination, reaching for something in a tasteless void. Disappointing, either way.

The scent is worse. It has a musky top edge that I cannot distinguish whether it is part the profile, or some error in post production. It’s rather off putting. The scent seemed to decrease once I took the dried flower from the original packaging but I can still detect it in the jar. Could be my preference, not sure here.

Buds are tight but small, I’d bet they are the lowers of the plant. No testing at this vendor but I doubt we’ve reached the 19% CBD this variety is known for. Buds are bone dry and turn to powder in a grinder, which really isn’t a negative here, just an observation. Some stems, looks machine trimmed throughout.

I’ve purchased economy varieties from online dispensaries before, they’re almost always disappointing. This purchase is actually one of the better ones I can recall, I once got a zip of Kosher Kush from Stress Free Delivery for $135 that was unusable. Testing matters, both in perception of quality and actual quality. My observations on this purchase lead me to wonder, which could be dispelled by testing. And for peace of mind, I’d rather have spent more at a licensed low cost provider like THC Biomed or Redecan. I would have paid double, but I’d be more confident using it.

As with many of my ‘value’ purchases, this was regrettable. It is edible quality at best, although I wouldn’t recommend that either. This is $1/gram stuff that really should have been tested. Although, if it was tested, I suppose I would feel the same way about it. I paid $84 for 28g, but I would have preferred paying $60 for 10g for something higher quality.