8 Ball Kush by United Greeneries

8 Ball Kush by United Greeneries

Lacklustre structure, eclipsed by a surprisingly robust profile of spiced earths with sweet edges.

So, the 8 Ball Kush is a Barney’s Farm variety. The breeder says this as a regional variety, stabilized by inbreeding selections from the mountains bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. I found it forgettable.

Most of the negatives about this offering you can observe in the picture. After using it, I feel like United Greeneries did a really good with the production, I was happy with the way it smoked. The buds were small but this is an indica. I was ok with the consistency, more pliable than firm.

Longevity was poor. UG uses the same container used by several LPs. You really need to move the cannabis to a glass jar if you want any longevity with the profile. I didn’t, so longevity was poor.

It was good enough that I’d try United Greeneries again. You can check their website, they talk about mineral water and biological pest control and it all sounds very nice. I thought the output was good and I’d try something else by them just based on that experience.

UG charges $9.38 per gram across all their offerings. In my experience, quality at this price point is a crapshoot, I’ve seen worse and better. I probably don’t have anything usable for you, other than calling it a midrange offering. I wasn’t disappointed, but I expect United Greeneries is capable of better.