Blue Dream by Aurora

Blue Dream by Aurora

Loose and dry, this Blue Dream will crumble to dust with a slight pinch. It fails to make up for its lack of visual appeal with adequate flavour projection but is a decent rendition of Blue Dream’s flavour profile.

Blue Dream is a Super Silver Haze, Blueberry cross, check the Tantalus Lab’s Blue Dream link for full details and some examples of Blue Dream that don’t have this lineage.

We’re fresh off the dismal show of Starseed’s Blue Dream, this Aurora Blue Dream does the flavour a bit better. Sharper sweet berry notes can be distinguished at the frontage of the profile. Base notes are lacking, but a slight hazy-wood note can be detected. The dry down is immediate, there is little longevity here. This Blue Dream leaves you with some sweeter, almost candied blue-type notes.

This Blue Dream is bone dry. And it’s quite a bit less dense than its competitors, so it crumbles with ease. Buds are smaller but could have been broken down from a larger cola. Still disappointing overall.

Aurora’s Blue Dream is priced $10.49 per single gram in the Alberta Cannabis store. I’d recommend saving a dollar and trying the Maricann Blue Haze product, it basically does everything Aurora tries to do but way, way better. I prefer the Tantalus version, which has a bit more character in the fancy blueberries, it’s a chesterfield in a world of couches. Either way, you can skip Aurora’s version at no loss.

Next time, we’ll look at another Tweed product, the Lemon Skunk.