Blue Dream by Starseed (Saturday Afternoon)

Blue Dream by Starseed  (Saturday Afternoon)

This offering of Blue Dream provides below average visual appeal and is lacking in flavour overall. It fails to achieve a flavour profile that could be considered a Blue Dream.

This is our 3rd review of Blue Dream, we give a good outline of the genetics in our Tantalus Blue Dream review. We had a good experience with Maricann’s Blue Haze for $9.24. This Saturday Blue Dream is priced the highest of the 3 so far ($11.50/gram).

Starseed Blue Dream is the first recreational cannabis I’ve seen with a seed. You can see it there in the picture, one seed. Not really that interesting, not going to grow it. Don’t expect it is the only seed I will see in retail cannabis. But it is a negative observation about this cannabis.

This Blue Dream is bone dry. Somewhat firm but a hard press will make it crumble. Bud size is ok. Some shake. Definitely not the quality of the 7ACRES Wappa available for $0.50/gram more.

Flavour of this Blue Dream is some sweetened woods. Some may be able to peg it as a haze but I’d argue the faint flavour makes this rather characterless. Lacks content. Expected much more from this, left disappointed.

Both the Tantalus Blue Dream and the Maricann Blue Haze were better than Starseed’s version. Tantalus had more richly garbled blueberries with their profile, Maricann’s featured a sharper haze note. Both were also cheaper. It’s hard for me to say anything good about Starseed’s version after reviewing those.

Next up, we’ll do another Blue Dream, this one is from Aurora.