BZam Cobra Lips

BZam Cobra Lips

Hey pancakenap here. We’re doing Bohdi’s Cobra Lips today and the producer is one of the BZam locations in BC. 

The cutting flavour profile is why you’d buy this. It doesn’t have a wide distribution of balanced tastes; instead it’s mostly aggressive gas and pepper tones. The buds look great, they left the trim a bit rougher on the package I purchased. Overall it’s a great product at the price point I saw it at.

Purchase Stats

Bought this one at Canna Cabana early August. Went looking for this offering and this was the closest to me. They offer delivery so I thought I would give it a go.


Price is about $8 per gram, or $31 for the eighth. I’d call the price point about average.

cobra lips

Lineage is Bhodi’s Appalachia with a Chewdawg. The breeder is Bhodi.

I emailed BZam and they told me they grew their Cobra Lips mother from seed. Phenotyping an unknown number of plants over a 15 month period to develop their line up. BZam has a facility in Edmonton and at least two in BC (I’m assuming), this particular flower we review today was grown in one of their BC facilities.


Great trichome coverage and a few flecks of purple are the high points of the visuals. Feel was near perfect. I called the scents about average and the tastes above average. Total points awarded (53/70) is enough for a B but I can tell you now that this has been gone for a while that it also leaves a good impression. I have fond memories of it. 


I think what you get is a pretty tight mix of green herbal tones, pepper and gas flavours coming together to form a pretty slap-happy profile. The visuals and feel are where they need to be. Price was about $30 for a 3.5 gram package. I’d say it’s worth a look but may not be for everyone.

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