Purple Hills Lemon Pepper Live Resin

Purple Hills Lemon Pepper Live Resin

Hey pancakenap here, with a live resin product; Purple Hills Lemon Pepper. Agripharm is the producer noted on the label for this one.

Cleaning up some of the old reviews here today. I bought this one last year at Shelter Market’s Black Friday sale and just haven’t had the moxie to write anything about it. The product is good at doing what it’s supposed to; it’s very strong and the name doesn’t mislead, you get a lot of lemon flavour. But that’s really it. Apart from a few small complaints it’s a fine example live resin with a lot of flavour, but it’s priced towards the high side of the spectrum.

Live Resin Badder

Perhaps the easiest thing to get out of the way is the conflicting labels on the packaging. Printed under the logo, it says ‘Live Resin’. Below that, a sticker says “Lemon Pepper Badder”. You clicked on the photo to get into this post, and you’re on pancakenap.com, you’re obviously an astute cannabis user so I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the consistency of this product is not badder, because it lacks a dry, textured consistency. Instead, the product is wet. Comprised of many small crystal structures in a slurry, it’s consistent with what I would call ‘caviar’, or perhaps ‘diamonds and sauce’. You could also call this ‘live resin’, which is the more general sense.

Was the seal glued on?

When you open this product, you’re greeted with a prominent lemon scent. I could smell it as soon as I tore open the exterior package. It was so prominent I expected this to be leaking. When I got the lid off, the seal wasn’t affixed to the small glass jar holding the live resin, it was just loose. The product had leaked to the outside of the seal and around the inside of the cap. A hydrophobic liquid is capable of dissolving a hydrophobic substance, like glue. So I began to wonder if the label was glued originally, had the glue now dissolved over time into the live resin? Or was the foil placed inside the cap but not glued to the glass container? 

I ended up looking on the bright side. The live resin smelled really good and I’d had a pretty good run up to that point with a glue-free lifestyle. I thought it was time to live it up on the wild side and spin the chambers by possibly inhaling some dissolved glue, adding some much needed spice to my worry-free existence.

Terpene Mix

The scent on this product is icy, sweet pine. It’s invasive. You hold it close to your nose to smell it and it burns your eyes a bit. It’s attractive but more importantly, it’s appetizing on first impression. The package lists the terpene content at a whopping 20.9% of total weight. Just while we’re down this avenue, cannabinoid content of this product is a bit lower than other products of this consistency (like Aurora’s live resin product).

The profile lacks the dimension of vaporized flower (which I think you have to expect with this product). Instead, the flavour profile on this product comes off like the Reader’s Digest version of an Amnesia Haze, without some of the low tone myrcene flavour you’d get from the flower. I can’t tell if it’s natural or not (I’d bet that it is not based on the % of total weight).

Product Age and Consistency

This was packed October of 2021. I bought it in November of 2021 and took a round of photos in a glue-worried flurry. In the first round of photos, the product is a slushy consistency. Then the product sits in a drawer at room temp for nearly 7 months to June 2022 when I take the 2nd round of photos. The product appears to have ‘sugared up’ some (less slushy) and there are dots of sappy liquid now present inside the container. The colourless liquid droplets appear equidistant across the jar’s interior, much like rain droplets on a window. 


Price on this product was $49.99 (on sale, Black Friday). I’d relate thats a pretty good price for this particular product (Purple Hills Lemon Pepper), but not really a great price for this product type. You can find live resin products for 10%-20% less really easily.

Did I like it?

I guess so, because it worked. It’s like a hammer; very simple and it does the job well. In its simplicity, it’ll lack some of the elements you might be able to get from dried flower but that’s not why you buy something like this. The prospects of inhaling epoxy aside (however realistic), the artificial flavouring and product strength prevent me from using it very regularly, if at all. Unfortunately for this product, there’s way better alternatives available for less. 

Would I buy it again?

Short answer is no. Long answer is only if I needed to and if there weren’t any alternatives available.

This product gets you to where you want to be, very quickly. Additionally, products of this consistency are becoming more common; there are a few big box producers that have a competing product. So price becomes king. Same with some of the tertiary elements of the purchase, like packaging (was their glue on the lid that was absorbed into the material?) or labeling (did the company label the product as badder when it’s really something else?).

In all likelihood I think I can find a product like this in the low $40’s and I think the labeling/package issues found in this review would be enough for me to look at other brands. I’d also gravitate to a company that’s demonstrating transparency in their production method. The colour has me wondering if CRC was used (which I don’t really care about) and the olfactory profile left me wondering where the terpenes were derived from.