Carmel Sorbetto

Carmel Sorbetto


It’s Squid Pants here and this review led me to wish for the existence of a frozen treat that would almost definitely be fatal to consume.  Let’s get started!


Sorbetto is Zkittlez X Sunset Sherbet X Magnum Opus.  I admit Magnum Opus is a new one to me but that’s some tasty lineage right there.

This cultivar was bred by Aficionado, California and it’s safe to assume that the growers at Carmel selected what they felt was the best representation they could find from the seeds they acquired.


We’ve taken a look at Carmel a few times here so not much to add.  That said, I have some expectations of them now that they have to live up to.  Funny thing though, the more times you score highly the less flaws in the future will be overlooked.


We have a nitrogen flushed mylar bag that’s not absurdly huge, but is too big for the amount of product.  As much information as possible is on the label including the original breeder, lineage and their description of appearance, scent and tastes which I will ignore since the whole point of this is to give my impressions.

By the numbers we have a claim of about 23% THC, less than 0.1% CBD and 3.4% terpenes.  The terpenes listed are Limonene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene.

On the bad side there is a bit of an undercount weight wise.  This is a luxury brand and it’s pretty insulting at this price to have the error not be in the purchaser’s favour.

This was packed on February 9th, 2022 and I opened it a mere 59 days later on April 9th, 2022.


Size is not bad, but smaller than past experience has led me to expect from this producer.  Colour is predominantly dark purple where it’s even visible through the trichomes with green more visible on the undersides.  Shape of each bud is clearly visible with rounded bottoms and pointed tops.  I think this looks pretty great.


Disappointingly dry and crisp, buds break under pressure and where they held together muted return was observed.  It’s not bone dry, but it’s definitely below ideal.  Grinding backs up the impression of dryness and the grinds are quite uneven in size with a little bit of the bud being outright powdered.  Grind cohesion is disappointing but not zero.  It’s not bone dry after all it seems, but I did expect better.  At this price the dryness is unacceptable and a humidicant pack should have been assumed.

Joint rolling wasn’t the worst, but not ideal.


Opening the package far and away scent is dominated by lemon cleaner with secondary notes of fruit and a bit of an acrid bite.  One of those offerings where you open the bag over and over just to take a sniff.


Volcano:  Is there such a thing as a lemon cleaner popsicle?  Because the taste certainly exists, and this is it.  This is delicious, far better than I was expecting after I ground the flower but at the same time far less depth to the flavours than the nose implied.  Dries down through doughy vanilla with use.


Joint:  The celebration of what we all secretly think lemon cleaner tastes like is also front and centre here, in fact if anything even bolder.  The feel is closer to candy, as it’s a bit sweeter but it’s also balanced by a mild spiciness.  Taste holds to really close to the end before the combustion products start to occlude the cannabis’ flavour.

Price and Value

This is another online purchase from the OCS, and as such the prices include tax.  As a convenience I will also include the before tax price in brackets.

Price of this 3.5g package was $48.95 ($43.32), which is $13.99 ($12.38) per gram.  Price per 100mg THC is about $6.08 ($5.38).

Value, well, this is a luxury brand so value is a bit hard to pin down.  The flaws, few as they are, really do hit the value proposition here though.  Not too much of a discount is needed for this to be a fantastic choice though so keep an eye out for sales.


Expectations were very high for this, and at that price nothing short of perfection is acceptable.  By that criteria this is a bit of a miss.  It’s tasty as can be, vapes beautifully and burns perfectly, but at this end of the market the little things need to be perfect too.  I shouldn’t have to rehydrate it nor should I have been undercounted.

This is objectively really good though and I am not seeing any other offerings of Sorbetto in the legal market so if you want to visit this flower, then as far as the regulated market goes this is the place to do so.  If you want to try something specifically from Carmel, the Dim Mac was better in the details and at least equal in scent and taste likability.