Crab Cakes From Skosha

Crab Cakes From Skosha


It’s Squid Pants here, today I’m checking out another single gram.  Seen mixed reviews online for this brand so let’s see how it stacks up.

Crab Cakes

Now I don’t know for sure that Crab Cakes is actually Bodhi’s Space Cake, but I would be floored if it wasn’t.  The bag says Crab Cakes is Snow Lotus X GSC, and Space Cake is Snow Lotus X GSC (the Forum Cut).

The Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies was initially widely distributed via the forums on International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums.  Basically if you’ve had GSC, there are really good odds it was the Forum Cut.

Snow Lotus is another offering from Bodhi Seeds and is Afgooey x Block Head where the Afgooey is the more interesting parent to me.


Skosha are growers from Nova Scotia and emphasise their environment protection efforts, which I applaud, but the most important fact is that they grow in a former NATO satellite communication facility.  Look, to me that’s really neat.

I am a jerk, so I can’t help but point out there’s just a hint of Lorem Ipsum on the page where they talk about their PurePlant growing method.  Let’s not hold that against them though.


Ziplock mylar bag blah blah blah seriously, what is up with that nasty pale bluish colour suddenly everywhere?  Luckily an ugly coloured container has no impact on what’s inside.  Also what has no impact on what’s inside are the claimed cannabinoid numbers on the package.  Ignore them, to believe them is to court madness itself.

Top terpenes tested for are d-Limonene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene and ⍺-Humulene.

This was packaged on November 23rd, 2023 and I opened it 98 days later


Well, it’s a single gram, it’s not going to look the best.  That said, orange stigmas highlight green and golden bud surface with an ok trim.  Trichome coverage is acceptable.


Fell is very dense but overly dry and brittle, some breakage under compression.  Rehydration before use is definitely recommended, otherwise you’ll have a pile of dust with chunks in it.  Like I did.


Earth, sweet clay, dough all with a mint follow up.  Grinding adds a herbal element strongly cutting through much of the rest of the profile.  However it’s a bit faint, probably due to over dryness.


You might have thought this was going in a negative direction, but here is definitely where this cannabis shines.  Minty and lemony, almost a mint OG Kush.  GSC doughiness and earthiness are hiding nicely in the aftertaste.  Taste is quite strong in the Volcano.  This surprisingly won me over!

Price and Value

I paid $11.50 for this single gram.  The value call is hard to make here.  GSC is widely available but Snow Lotus isn’t, so there’s some novelty factor there.  Price is leaning into premium but the dryness is brutal and I don’t think I should have to worry about dryness when I am at that end of the market.  In the end I liked it and if I knew the humidity in the bag was correct I’d probably get this again.


This was a nice little gram of weed really, dryness aside, and there’s something fun about getting just a little sample of something.  No other deep insights here, just that single grams are fun to get sometimes.