Casa Di Fiore Gustosa UVA

Casa Di Fiore Gustosa UVA

Hey pancakenap here, I'm opening a package of Casa Di Fiore Gustosa UVA.


The package says the flower I am reviewing today is a Platinum Grape x Blueberry OG. However, when I go to to look this up on the producer website, they call Rick's Pupil. There's a Reddit review that suggests this is Cake and Caviar's Blueberry Yum Yum. Anyways here is the producer website:

Casa Di Fiore | Cannabis Made with Amore
At Casa Di Fiore, our intimate team of four dedicated cultivators works hand-in-hand to create premium cannabis products we are truly proud of.


The smalls look well developed and exhibit some nice coloring. In terms of appearance, it wasn't the best of the day, but it's still pretty good.


Smell is good. It's a bright earthy-berry scent.


A flurry of tastes emerges: fruity gummy berry, chocolate with a hint of pool cleaner, and the foundation of sumptuous earths with a velvety berry finish.

Product Stats

Package Date

I purchased this product on January 2 2024, and the packaging date was October 26, 2023. This means it spent approximately 68 days in the package, which is about 13% more than the average we observe in the medical market, typically around 60.17 days.


The cannabinoid content is indicated as 25.1% THC and 0.0% CBD. This is 19.1% higher than the average we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically hovers around 21.1% THC combined with CBD.

Terpene content is shown as 2.46% which is 15% lower than the average we usually see on the package (2.89% of any terpene).


I paid about $45 to get this quarter (7g) from Mendo Market, that's $6.43 per gram or about 6% lower than what we usually pay for this package size ($6.87 per gram).


Thanks for checking out the review today. See you on the next one.