High Tide Dark Star

High Tide Dark Star

Doing expensive Maricann today, this is their High Tide brand and the offering we’re going to look at is called Dark Star.

I guess I like Maricann. Here in Alberta, they are among the few producers participating in the value end of the market, they have some stuff you could consider interesting, and they don’t buff their stuff up with fancy names, they just give it to you straight. So I guess I like Maricann.

With this listing, we take the Maricann value we know, pack it full of dynamite and blow it out of the water; it will still be flying through the sky by the time I finish this review. The proverbial dynamite in this scenario is your expectation of quality for the price point, which is $15 per gram. If you just considered the review over, I don’t blame you and you’re probably right. At this price point, this Maricann review is pretty much just a Tweed review, where I tell you the offering is attractive but the quality drives down the value proposition, so low, it only makes sense in a scarce market.

After writing the review, I couldn’t tell you why you’d pay 50% more for High Tide over Maricann’s less expensive brands, seemed like the same quality to me. Which is forgivable at the bottom end of the market, but up at this price, it’s just obvious.

In the quotient that is a value proposition, price is the common denominator across all qualifiable features. Whatever observations you make, you’re going to relate back to the price you paid. And like I said above, if you raise the price enough, value sinks so low, the lack thereof sticks out like a sore thumb. This is a $50 Big Mac, or a $10,000 garage sale treadmill.

The star or the review is the cultivar, Dark Star. From the same people that brought you MKUltra (THSeeds) this is safe to call an Indica, by whatever definition you consider. The name was appropriate, it’s character sits low, shadowy and smokey. So that’s the take home for this review, I’d say keep Dark Star on your radar. For me personally, it’s very likeable. But at this price point, I’ll disregard it with the ease of a light switch and the permanence of a guillotine, no problem.

And this is the lead in to my review of this Dark Star flower, produced by Maricann, a producer I guess I like.