Xscape Tailgate

Xscape Tailgate

As an Albertan, this marketing hits me in the inner rig pig. It brings on imagery of Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley, or rolling coal on some road bikes in a turbo diesel. ATVs. Truck nuts. Twelve days on, four days off. Belt firing SKS rifles in the woods. Busch beer in the bush. Yes, this is the weed Ralph Klein would have liked, but only because Ralph probably wouldn’t know a good Diesel.

I’m fresh off the Organigram Critical Kush review where the further I researched, the worse I felt about Organigram. Although I do not prefer this offering from CannTrust, I can still find evidence of their innovations, and moreover, I can’t find any evidence that made me wonder about them. So, this Diesel didn’t work for me, but I’ll still be positive about it and try to put myself in the shoes of who I think it might work for.

Alright, so I’d tell you this Diesel is mostly characterless. The genetic lineage on this CannTrust variety is a NYC diesel phenotype, which tells me its mom was an afghan variety and the dad was (probably) a Sour Diesel. When presented with a Diesel, I’m expecting tart citrus amongst a sea of petrol. And the more the better. A good diesel is slightly offensive.

The profile on CannTrust’s diesel is transects two dimensions, slight petrol earths and slight sours. There are some hints of fruit there but they are so fleeting you wonder if they were actually imagined. The profile lacks the majority of the ‘diesel’ character that I would guess 9/10 people would not be able to identify this variety by its taste. Perhaps presenting some dissatisfaction to seasoned users but those looking to dip their toe in diesels, this might be the place to do it.

Checking the terpene content of the Diesel on CannTrust’s site, it’s below 1%, so no surprises that I found it weak. This was just above $10 for a single gram, 19% THC and (probably) under 1% terpene content. The terpene content needs to triple or the price needs to be cut in half. This diesel has actually clocked a reliable 19% THC over time for CannTrust so if it has the same reliability on the terpene content (<1%), probably time to ditch the phenotype.

Smoking it was smooth and forgettable. Worked as it should but lacking in any taste.

Structure wasn’t great. My gram was made up of smaller buds with some stems attached. Typical trim, nothing fancy but no complaints either. Let’s be honest, the buds are so small that a good trim would really just be lipstick on a pig.

I have a Diesel Moonshine by Mosca on my desk right now. If you’re not familiar, Dj Short did a hash plant derivative named Old Time Moonshine (OTM) back before my time, Mosca has preserved the lineage and is using it in many of their crosses. They claim the OTM has a higher probably of creating mutant offspring, which is an interesting trait. Mosca has crossed the OTM against a sour diesel to create the Diesel Moonshine. The profile is dusty sours that coax you into velvet petrols, it is immensely rich.

But would I recommend Diesel Moonshine to my Grandma? Probably not, I’d tell her to grab the CannTrust Diesel to see if the profile works for her. Good diesel’s can be a whirlwind, they tend to have a long reach. So while the CannTrust diesel doesn’t reach out and touch my holy ghost, it might be suitable for a beginner.