Broken Coast Frost Monster

Broken Coast Frost Monster

Hey everyone, we’re looking at the Frost Monster, or the Monster of Frost, if you want to be formal about it. This is from Broken Coast, and they call it Gabriola.

This was produced in a warehouse in Duncan, BC, in Canada. The cannabis was packaged January 17 2019, and this review is taking place 131 days later.

Active content is listed as ranging from 15.9% THC to 24.9% THC, CBD was negligible. The container arrived with 20.7% THC.

The description calls this cultivar a hybrid with ‘complicated genetic history‘, noting the dense calyxes, which we’ll see below, are apparent.

Relative terpene graph shows this as limonene dominant (23%) with Caryophyllene (19%) and linalool (11%) as backers. Other terpene content is over 50%.

Now that we know the stats, let’s look at the actual flower.

Visuals are excellent. Buds are long and slender, coming to a fairly sharp tip. The surface ripples with the swollen calyxes noted above. The green colouring, although vibrant, is heavily reduced by the trichome coverage this cultivar was named after.

The bud feels tender, the moisture content is appropriate. I couldn’t disintegrate this with a pinch, it would squish into a tarry ball before it would break to dust.

Grinds to a usable mix, works well in the vaporizer. I’ve also smoked this several times and found good function.

Scent of these flowers are malicious in the fuel and citrus tones. Pine and slight earths play supportive roles in the profile but tend to blend with the large vector of the fuel tones. The reach of the profile is tremendous.

With heat, the bottom end of the profile expands, showcasing some rougher, fuel laden earths perforated by flightly florals hinting towards tarry sweets. I’d say linalool is one of the easier terpenes to detect, it is quite prominent in this profile. Like a demon in formal dress, most of the profile fumes in low rumble, and the dichotomy between its aggressive and friendly aspects bring charisma to the character. Frost Monster is a rascal, but a loveable one.

Price was $15.09 per gram from a 3.5 gram package. I can make an easy recommendation to try it once, Broken Coast has fairly reliable quality and this is a really neat cultivar they have here. I’ve reviewed many grams around this price point, the difference in quality is clearly observable.

Repeat purchases is where you might lose me. $15 per gram Canadian may not be expensive comparing to some places around the world, but it is expensive compared to historical prices in Canada.

Even in BC, the price is high. I really liked what I saw, but I’m reluctant to say I expect this price competes with similar quality in BC’s traditional market, it’s a $90 quarter ($12.86 per gram).

For occasional cannabis users, this is the caliber I’d say you want to keep around, the extra money is well spent. For heavier users, this is $360-$400 per ounce. If you can find similar quality for less than half the price, I wouldn’t blame you for going for it.

I worry high prices drive regular consumers to untested product. I liked what I saw here, but let’s be real about it, something of this quality has to be under $6 per gram before traditional or illicit markets become irrelevant.

Anyways, Gabriola is a wonderful product, my sincere compliments on it.

Thanks for reading everyone, see you on the next one.