Full Sesh Bamboo Honey

Full Sesh Bamboo Honey

Squid Pants here, today I’m looking at Full Sesh’s Bamboo Honey.

A few years back I was in Bangkok.  One night I was out for a walk in one of the more interesting parts of the city where I’m pretty sure one of the performers in one of the clubs I walked past was named Bamboo Honey and that their stage act was called Full Sesh.  I didn’t go in but seeing how someone wanted to pay tribute to that show with the names of the brand and the cannabis it would seem I missed out on something special.  Will this cannabis make up for that lost opportunity?  Is that a good thing if it does?  We are about to find out!

Bamboo Honey

So what is Bamboo Honey?  The producer lists the genetics as Do-Si-Dos X Platinum Cookies X Purple Punch.  Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch is Slurricane,  so it’s already safe to say this is likely at least in part from In House Genetics and that it’s a Slurricane cross of some kind.  The only question mark is Platinum Cookies.  Attempts to stabilise Girl Scout Cookies in seed have resulted in a broadleaf descendant referred to as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and we can assume that’s what is most likely referred to here.  That said, having sampled some Platinum GSC in the past I’m not really detecting anything reminiscent of that here.  Now I could just write to them and get some clarification but I’m bored so am going to wildly speculate instead.  I suspect, and if you squint at the genetics hard enough you can fool yourself into thinking this too, that it’s not Platinum Cookies but is in fact Platinum Kush Mints.  My arguments are as follows:

-First and by far foremost, when I opened that package the completely unmistakable-to-me scent of PKM hit me, a minty combo featuring In House’s plant named Platinum whose presence is always defined by a unique earthiness to scent and taste.  Both mintiness and that characteristic earthiness appear here.

-If cannabis producers and packagers can lie their faces off with lab analyses that make biologically impossible terpene and cannabinoid stat claims, then misleading about the ancestry is trivial in comparison.

-Platinum Kush Mints has some Thin Mints GSC in it’s ancestry, so, there’s some cookies present, and to the marketers that could seem a perfectly fine way to mildly obfuscate the ancestry.  Definitely my weakest argument as cannabis is often sold on the merits of the exact genetics that are involved, and Cookies are all a bit long in the tooth for a fad driven market.

Like all conspiracy theorists I really can’t be bothered checking my conclusions in any sort of rigorous way since that will shatter my illusions so please don’t take my word for it.


Full Sesh

Full Sesh brands themselves as craft, but of note is they don’t have a craft designation in Ontario, so take from that what you will.  They have some copy on their website that is as hilarious to read and is as uninformative as the back of a bag of Doritos (my favourite claim is that this cannabis is “. . .packed with a world-renowned flavour that everyone enjoys.” which I am pretty sure is a phrase also used on the back of a bag of Doritos).  The brand is owned by Acreage Pharms, who do not have a stellar reputation for quality.



We have a white plastic bin here, which is a bit oversized but I have seen far worse.  Not my favourite but at least it’s recyclable everywhere in Canada.  A small humidicant pack is included.  

Claims on the package include that it’s “Sativa” which literally means nothing and should definitely be ignored, also that it has 25.8% THC which since so many companies are posting clearly fake results this should be ignored too (to me it was decently potent, but this number seems inflated) and they claim total terpenes constitute 2.23% by mass (honestly, I’d accept this number as true.  The scent has some punch and it’s the terpenes calling the shots there) but there is no breakdown by individual terpene.

My container was packaged on June 23rd, 2022 and I opened it 64 days later on August 26th.



Buds have khaki colouring with some darker patches.  Shape is stout, wide at the base and quickly coming to a point.  Trim is clearly done by hand and is mildly sloppy.  Trichome coverage is good, quite frosty looking.   The container had some decent sized buds and a few smaller pieces to round out the weight.  Grinds are fluffy and uniform.


Quite good actually, dense under compression with good return.  I would have liked it a bit stickier though. Nice and satisfying to grind and roll.


Right when I opened the package I could have sworn it was Platinum Kush Mints.  A sweetness is present but is not the feature, in fact the sweet notes are barely extras in the scene.  Ground leads to no amplification of scent nor change in intensity, but unground it’s got magnitude so it remains acceptable.


Volcano: Earthiness along with a vegetativeness that I would expect from anything with In House’s Platinum in it, with a fresh mintiness which leads me back to thinking this heavily features Platinum Kush Mints (again, my pet theory and not what the brand claims).  A little sweetness is there with only the faintest hint of cherry/grape.  No hint of a Cookies profile, but I’m often wrong so pay me no heed on this.  All I can taste this as is In House’s Platinum Kush Mints, but a little sweeter.  Dry down goes to mintiness and if you really try you can detect some grape, but still not a dessert taste profile to any serious degree.  This is definitely the better way to consume this offering.


Joint: Mintier but held back by low magnitude.  A short time into smoking the tastes of combustion products take centre stage, which is obviously not desirable.  Burn is semi-clean, better than average but not great.  The brand promises their products are guaranteed to burn perfectly every time.  I think that’s not “guarantee” in the legal sense which actually means a guarantee to the consumer that a claim about the quality of a product is true, but more a “guarantee” in the marketing scene which means not in any way shape or form guaranteed.

Price and Value

This before tax was $31.50 after a 10% discount from the Dupont St location of Edition X in Toronto.  That works out to $9.00 per gram,  The price per 100mg of THC is $3.49.

As for value, I am a fan of In House Genetics and to me this is a combination of scents and tastes that is at least in part from them.  If you like earthy tastes with only a faint hint of sweetness this will appeal.  With the caveat that it’s completely unlike what the brand says to expect, I find it recommendable.


If you are looking for dessert flavours, keep moving because they aren’t here.  You can try the Black Sugar Rose from Color for something really sweet at a reasonable price.  If you like earthy tastes this could appeal and you’ll find something worth visiting here without having to cough up too much money.