JOI Botanicals Super Lemon Haze CBD

JOI Botanicals Super Lemon Haze CBD

Hey panacaknap here doing JOI Botanicals Super Lemon Haze CBD


This is a 2:1 CBD to THC offering of Super Lemon Haze. Quality is more than good enough for the price point (I paid $23). Being a CBD dominant offering, it may not have the cannabinoid content most cannabis enthusiasts are pursuing but I’d tell you this is worth a look. The flavour is pretty chipper with citrus rind, and a touch a bit of grassy earth mixed in. The flavours blend well and it doesn’t stray too far from the Super Lemon Haze character. It’s good cannabis flower available for cheap and I’d hate to think it’ll go unappreciated because of its cannabinoid content (which is above average for a CBD dominant offering). I think the Canadian cannabis market needs more balanced offerings with diverse taste. That’s in part why I appreciated this offering and why I’d recommend it to you.


Grabbed this one at Peak Cannabis Co after they announced they were closing shop. I’d never been there before and wanted to stop by while I still had the chance. 


For this 3.5g package I paid $23.19, or $6.63 per gram. This price point is about 33% cheaper than average for a 3.5g package in AB. I’d relate the price point is in the consumer’s favour.


I’m guessing this Super Lemon Haze CBD is from Green House Seeds. There’s a few offerings with this name, but if you look at the lineage JOI gives with the one on Seedfinder and the one Green House gives, they’re all similar.

Point Summary

I ranked this one 18% more than I usually do, or 15% more if I include Squid Pant’s reviews. I awarded it 55/70 points which puts it #3 on my current list, one point above Verte West’s Lindsay OG.

Visuals and Feel

Visually, there isn’t much in the way of bag appeal. The buds are full and plump with a good trim. It has a few good angles and not that you’d expect it from a Super Lemon Haze anyways, but if you look across the board on visuals alone, this one is mid-range.

Feel is great. You can see in the unboxing video I gave the largest bud a pretty good press and it didn’t suffer too much.

Scent and Taste

I’m favourable on the aroma from this offering. I thought you got more citrus rind than sweet amorphous citrus.

With heat an icy sweet notes comes out in the vapour, blended with the   citrus rind, it does a good job of hiding the tastes from the high CBD male, which I’m guessing is Cannatonic.


If you’re into balanced offerings this one’s a no brainer; it’s a product from an upscale producer available for below average. My only concern for you is availability.

For people who use THC dominant flower the majority of the time, a group I’m included in, there are several places you could use this to supplement your regular flower use. I find this one good for the daytime, particularly when I have to do something. I also find it good at night when I’ve reached the ceiling of tolerance and its like throwing a bean bag against a brick wall, it’s a good time to try this relatively inexpensive, well produced flower. It may also be a good thing to keep around in case you have to entertain a cannabis newbie, it’s a safe space to lay on the peer pressure. Finally, I really like mixing a balanced offering with a THC dominant concentrate. I find it strong with just a tad of mellow.

At the risk of being redundant, these balanced offerings are undervalued and need more attention in the Canadian market. Many popular breeders like Rare Dankness and Sin City will do one or two crosses to CBD dominant plants when they’re making new lines of seeds. This one from Green House is a welcome addition, it has a recognizable name and tastes fairly true to the THC dominant original. I hope it brings some attention to this section of the market and we get to see more variety in the segment.