The Loud Plug Space Queen

The Loud Plug Space Queen


If you are expecting Subcool’s Space Queen then I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed.  Squid Pants here checking out a Space Queen that isn’t a Space Queen but may be a comment on the type of halitosis that someone could have, and that individual with stinky breath in question could be a Space Queen I guess?  I don’t know, I’m not an expert in the oral health of the intergalactic monarchy.

Space Queen

As I said in the introduction, this is not Subcool’s Space Queen.  Further this is not Headband Rose, which is what it says on the OCS website under the description of the lineage.  I wrote the company for clarification since the online listing was confusing and they told me it’s a Peanut Butter.  I’m going to assume they meant it’s a Peanut Butter Breath or more likely a close relative.

Now I did find a few other claimed ancestries for this offering while searching online but since this is what a brand representative said I’m going with it . . . but if you asked me, gun to my head, I would say I agree with those who described it as a Dosi-Punch.

The Loud Plug

These folk are a brand under CCC Brands here in sunny Toronto.  This is a branding and packaging company so long story short this may or may not be offered exclusively by them, so this may be a good price or you might be able to find the same flower cheaper.  Or not, I don’t know, sometimes cannabis is treated like a commodity and sometimes it isn’t.  I am quite sure no one is reading this review with the intent of deep diving into the economics of running a legal cannabis industry so let’s move on.


This offering is in a mylar bag, nitrogen flushed.  The bag is a bit big for the volume of flower but I will say this type of packaging has been shrinking in the legal market so the trend is in the right direction.  Interesting to note is that during a time when more companies throw more information (of admittedly dubious utility) on the labels this one is pretty bare bones as it only lists the name, THC and CBD.  Speaking of which total THC is listed at about 21% but I would say it felt much milder than that to me.  CBD is listed as literally 0.0%.  A teeny bit of an overcount on the weight.  If there’s going to be an error, it should always be in the purchaser’s favour so that’s good to see.  Also contained a small humidicant pack which I always appreciate.

This was packaged on October 20th, 2021 and I opened it on April 9th, 2022 which is 171 days later.


One good sized bud and a few smaller ones to fill out the weight.  Trim is a bit sloppy but I think that’s to help show off the fantastic colouring on this flower.  The colours are purples, oranges and moss green all over tight flower clusters with pretty good trichome coverage.


Feel is quite nice under compression with acceptable return.  Humidity is nicely in the ideal range.  Nice and chewy in the grinder, which I always find satisfying but ground product has larger than ideal granules and insufficient cohesion.  Rolling a joint is meh, but not infuriating.


Opening the package it’s an intriguing mix of concord grapes and savouriness, sort of like soya sauce.  Stop staring like that, these scents work together.  Grinding amplifies the profile without adding anything new to the mix.  Because they chose the brand name that they did I do have to state this is not as loud as the brand name would have you believe.  After all, if you have to tell people you have a certain property, it means that property is actually lacking in you.


Volcano:  Tastes here are all bright berries, grapes and cherries with a hint of menthol.  Taste lingers quite pleasantly after exhalation.  Fades into sweet dough with repeated runs.


Joint:  Smoke is thick but tastes are surprisingly subtle.  Pine emerges as a major theme while berries play a supporting role.  Hints of vanilla are detectable.  Burn is nice and clean though the joint went out moderately easily.

Price and Value

I got this from the OCS so prices included tax.  I will include the pre tax price in brackets following each.  The 3.5 gram package was $34.95 ($30.93) which is $9.99 ($8.84) per gram.  Price per 100mg of THC is $4.81 ($4.26) if that’s a key metric for you.  Terpenes are not listed, but that’s fine really since that information doesn’t actually give a good preview for what the actual flavours will be.  If it’s taste you are after, this is pretty tasty.

Grapey is a trendy scent and taste profile right now, and I am on board there.  This is a pretty grapey offering in this price range.  I would have preferred to pay less but this is a good fallback choice if your number one choice isn’t available.


This isn’t the late Subcool’s work, and as such I wish they had picked a different name.  Objectively this is some pretty nice flower that has some beautiful looks with some great scents and tastes at a somewhat attractive price.  If you got a grape flavoured itch to scratch this seems well worth considering but isn’t a must see.