Oaxacan Haze From Ministry of Sativa

Oaxacan Haze From Ministry of Sativa


Squid Pants here checking out something a little off the beaten path with genetics focused on a less often featured region of Mexico.  Let’s dig in.

Oaxacan Haze

The producer is a little vague on the true genetics here but there are still plenty of hints to get a good idea of what’s going on here.

Oaxaca is a state in Mexico, whose regional capital is also called Oaxaca.  Oaxaca extends from the Pacific coast in the south well into the interior.  Abutting to the west is Guerrero state, which is the home of the city of Acapulco, the namesake home of Acapulco Gold.  This flower, as you’ll see, has a nice golden hue to it that is clearly not due to age and is quite reminiscent of Acapulco Gold.  Not a surprise that the genetics will have similar phenotypic traits when they are geographically so close together.

Now, how does Haze figure in?  If I had to guess what this is and could only choose from seedfinder, then I would guess this offering from Ace Seeds is what it is.  If true then this is an Oaxacan crossed to the decidedly old school but still famous classic Northern Lights #5 X Haze.  This is a combination that really scratches some of my itches.

Ministry of Sativa

Ministry of Sativa

Ministry of Sativa are a producer out in Quebec.  They say their focus is on varieties that provide effects that are considered “. . .the well-known effects of sativas. . .” so they admit a hybrid is fine with them if it has the effect profile they associate with the concept of a Sativa.  I’m not a fan of the whole Sativa, Indica, Afghanica, Ruderalis nomenclature as it’s basically meaningless, however those terms are used by consumers to map to certain taste and effect profiles.  On a personal note there’s no pattern with me as to what any individual variety will have effect wise so it’s really the promised taste and scent profile that attracted me.  I have no comment on if it will give the average consumer the effects they assume it will, caveat emptor and all that.

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Nice and snug mylar pack coloured that greenish blue that I’m not a fan of.  Well plenty of other people are a fan of it because a few other purchases I’ve made have also used that colour for their pack.  Colour of the pack is of course irrelevant to the quality of the contents.  That said the zip seal on this pack to reseal is a bit wimpy so get it in a jar to maintain good humidity.

The usual highly suspicious claims of THC percentage are on there which I just can’t bring myself to repeat anymore even when I think the numbers are realistic.  Dominant terpenes are listed as Terpinolene, d-Limonene, ꞵ-Caryophyllene and ꞵ-Myrcene.

This cannabis was packaged on October 13th, 2023 and I opened it 139 days later on February 29th, 2024.


Medium buds absolutely caked in trichomes.  Colours are golden with dark green patches.  Trim is excellent. Bud is bumpy, dense, elongated and comes to a gentle point.  These do look quite nice.


Feel is nice and dense, good humidity but strangely literally no stickiness.  It’s not a deal breaker to have no stickiness, but it is odd.  Grinds are fluffy and even.


Upon opening the package you are slapped by terpinolene, chocolate and Rockets candy.  Grinding brings out more floral and sweet notes.  This is just short of loud, which is a shame as this smells great.


Taste skews fruity, floral and varnish, almost like a perfumed apple.  Unfortunately in the Volcano the taste faded fast.

Price and Value

I ordered this from The OCS where I paid $32.85 for 3.5 grams.  That works out to $9.39 per gram.

If you are a fan of Terpinolene, Mexican genetics (or if you like the suite of effects associated with the term Sativa and unlike me actually get said effects) or just like tropical profiles the price is not insane for what you are getting.  Really my only complaint was the quick fade on the taste in a vaporizer.


I’ve looked into the other offerings from this producer and they do indeed all fall into the marketing category of Sativa, but also they are all varieties I like the scent and taste profiles of.  Yes, it’s true even the hybrids in their stable are longer flowering varieties, it’s nice to see a grower willing to risk focusing on such varieties.  I wish them luck going forward as I wouldn’t mind trying some more offerings from them in the future.