Distinkt Nitro Sweet Fuel OG

Distinkt Nitro Sweet Fuel OG

Hey pancakenap here, I'm opening a package of Distinkt's Nitro Sweet Fuel OG.


This offering is not shown on Distinkt's website, so I'd be guessing at the lineage based on the name, which is a bit ambiguous. There's something called Nitro OG, which is an Animal Cookies cross with Gas Mask, that would be my wild guess.

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The visuals are impressive. The buds are round and full, with intricate surface details and robust macro development. There's a noticeable presence of plump bracts, adding to its appeal.


The aroma is rich with spices and deep berry notes, blending seamlessly into earthy undertones that dominate the aromatic profile. It emanates a subtle and slow-moving essence, enticing the senses with its complexity.


The flavor profile is grounded in earthy tones, complemented by sweet spices and a hint of gassy undertones. The finish is pleasantly sweet with a subtle hint of menthol. Overall, the character exudes a low vibrato, devoid of any sharp or high-pitched notes.

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Product Stats

Package Date

I purchased this product on November 27, 2023, and the packaging date was June 1, 2023. This means it spent approximately 179 days in the package, which is about 197.5% more than the average we observe in the medical market, typically around 60.17 days.


The cannabinoid content is indicated as 20.4% THC and 0.0% CBD. This within 5% of the average we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically hovers around 21% THC combined with CBD.


Price was a favourable $21.24 for the 3.5 gram package, that's $6.07 per gram or 35% lower than the average we're tracking for a 3.5 gram package, as set by all purchases we've made for this package size.

Mendo Cannabis Purchase History

I’ve purchased 13 products from Mendo Cannabis, totaling $494.57. Among those purchases, six were for a quarter-ounce package of flower, and those transactions averaged to $6.77 per gram. This is 1.4% lower than the average I usually pay for a quarter-ounce package of all-flower cannabis, which is $6.87 per gram.

On average, flower products purchased from Mendo Cannabis have spent 102.4 days in the package before purchase, which is 70% higher than the average I've tracked from any medical vendor, which is 60.2 days.


Thanks for reading the post today, see you on the next one.