Omy Kush Cookies

Omy Kush Cookies

Looking at OMY Kush Cookies today, producer here is Abba Medix.

Barney’s Farm has this Rolex OG x Cookies cross called Cookies Kush, and that’s what I thought I was buying here. Interpreting the name of this offering like Color Cannabis’ Black Sugar Rose, which is actually called Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds, I assume.

Some phenotypes of Cookies Kush can get funky, so I was expecting something unpleasant. This was more similar to a GMO, than it was to my memory of Barney’s Cookies Kush, so I began to wonder if the names aren’t meant to be taken synonymously. But still, with my funky expectations set high, this didn’t let me down at all.


Thought it was Barney’s Cookies Kush and price was good enough that I didn’t really look too long.


Good visuals to the naked eye. Size is alright and the buds are shapely regardless. Up close the trichomes look less like a matrix of stalks with a bulb, and more as a congealed mix of bulbs.


Leans a bit dry, pretty good in the vaporizer but might be drier than a smoker would like.


Skunky pine on acrid rubber defines the frontage. A myrcene base is present with earthy spices. Character has stank and is aggressive.


Tastes are salty lime with an edge of kerosine, on poopy peppered funk, with a metallic pine finish. With use, dies down into gassy citrus and pepper. Character is like a daytime talk show; there’s a lot going on here, much of it is offensive, and you might end up liking it.


Price on this eighth was $24.99, or $7.14 per gram. I’d relate good favour to the consumer at this price point for the package size; it’s below average for the vendor, and about average with respect to historical numbers.


Much like a dumpster adjacent to a fast food restaurant, the olfaction wafting off this flower makes a strong impression. The question is whether you’ll like it or not. Whereas some profiles are widely accessible, this may be an acquired taste.


Profile has gusto. Low price. Overall value. Some may compliment the packaging.


Expectations on flavour; Kush and Cookies taste good on their own. This tastes like neither Kush, nor Cookies.


Price is good enough to repeat. Also George Takei fans (Oh My!, credit for this joke should go here).


I think diversions to this offering have to do with the surrounding offerings and lack of consumer awareness. There are a few duplicate offerings and a few alternatives at this price point. Some may have no idea what this is (like I did).