Symbl Super Sonic

Symbl Super Sonic

Ziggy can you hear me? I am about to review the Quantum Kush.

Pardon me, got that out of my system. I’m just a poser though, never watched the show, all my Q.Leap knowledge comes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Speaking of posers, Quantum Kush doesn’t really taste like a Kush. If you want dichotomous earths, both polite and biting, this is not it. Instead, this kush delivers some indistinguishable bright upper notes amongst some sandy earths.

Seemingly, Emblem has tried to tell you that this is not really a Kush, they’ve renamed this Super Sonic, which resonates with my experience of it, it’s more descriptive of the actual profile.

So this is a PNW variety by Homegrown Natural Wonders, here is a link to the variety on the breeder site. The parents are Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck, a sativa leaning TGASubcool variety, comprised of the cup-winning Vortex and Bloodwreck.

Under aroma, the breeder notes this variety does not have an overpowering smell, I’d agree. The profile balances towards the sweet notes, perhaps even bordering on tropical, but I found the profile lacks the earths of a traditional kush.

Structure was decent for what I received in the 1 gram container. Smaller buds with a 5 chip.

Smokes well, not perfect ash but more than decent. Nice flavours, projects above average. Felt like the earths became a bit more noticeable while smoking. Perhaps the secret sauce here is the the underwhelming smell and the surprisingly robust flavour.

The one thing I will note about Emblem in general, when you take a look at their menu comparatively, it stands apart from most other producers. They demonstrate an awareness of regional popularity. This (Quantum Kush) variety is from Oregon, they have the Conspiracy Kush (also Oregon). They had the Training Day, a limited DNA variety. Larry OG and Lemon Larry are Californian varieties, they carry both, nobody else does. They also carry some of the table stakes like Sour Kush but they’ve largely skipped some of the more ubiquitous varieties we see from other producers. They don’t have Critical Mass CBD or CBD Kush, they chose the Black Widow CBD from Positronics, which nobody else has.

Perhaps these are just opinions from an outcast, formed in prohibitive times, whose only hope of being socially accepted was to have something unique; or perhaps, I just like new tastes. Either way, I am pretty positive about this Super Sonic, it is decent. What will surely bring me back to Emblem is their selection, I’ll always been looking for them to see what they’re growing.