THC BioMed Reviews

THC BioMed Reviews

A while back, I read a summary of THC BioMed financials on r/thecannalyststhat said if they didn’t get a cash injection soon, they wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on. I reacted to this positively, thinking that they were underdogs with the least expensive prices across any LP, and bought a few of their varieties.

This is my third order with them and by now, I’ve been able to try a handful of their varieties. Value was the motivator here, I chose to purchase from them and do this review because of the $6 per gram price point. I bought it, this isn’t a paid review. I try to give you my notes on it and make as few generalizations as possible. So I do the observations, it’s up to you to draw the conclusions.

Aside from the Paradise line, THC BioMed carries proprietary varieties they call “Landrace Strains”. Just an aside, I’m using the word ‘variety’ where the word ‘strain’ is commonly used. I’m also going to use ‘THC BM’ because I think it’s funny. So THC BM has some landrace varieties. They stock a sativa and indica variety, both have been available to medical patients (we review these today) and now, there are also hybrid varieties available in recreational stores.

By order of importance, I’m looking for unique taste, efficient combustion, and lastly, decent structure.

We’ll talk about each of the varieties separately.

Landrace Sativa

The scent profile here is complex. Hints of citrus and fruit become secondary to jagged sage notes towards the outer edge of the profile. What follows, is a sour, almost putrid smear, and this is central to the profile, surrounded by the previously mentioned forward notes. It presents as somewhat buzzy and tropical, maybe some sweet sages, but all centralized to the putrid sours. It’s unique. Calling it skunky isn’t enough justice, calling it dog shit is slightly too much (both of these are compliments). More interesting than repulsive, but a mix of the two.

We have good structure here, it’s pliable but firm. Dense buds produce good volume when ground. I wouldn’t tell you that it is overly wet, or overly dry. It’s not dust and it doesn’t stay as a cohesive clump, the consistency is above average. Excellent in a vaporizer.

After the scent out of the bottle and how it performed in the grinder, I was really excited about this, but it burned really poorly. If this were my cannabis, I would have dried it 8 hours and let it cure a bit longer. Repeating if necessary.

Burned black, but the smoke also tasted really heavy and occluded much of the flavour profile. Started out tasting okay but I ended up throwing it away before the halfway point. Looks the part but didn’t perform for me. Not the end of the world, you could probably correct this by placing it in a large jar for a few days.


This is the part of my reviews where I would look up the genetics and talk about why I think you should care about the lineage. I’m going to be lazy and link it. Paradise does a much better job of the description than I care to. It’s a haze, there’s my description.

The profile here is sour, icy and fruity. Delahaze is basically the r/starterpack meme of ‘sativa tastes’. I think it’s quite extreme. Most hazes feature one of these flavours as a secondary note. Here, you get all three and the haze notes seem secondary. It interprets very green, fairly punchy, and maybe pushy.

Again, buds are dense, firm and slightly pliable. You press into them and they do not crumble, it is nerfy. The trim is comically lazy, looks like they cut the fan leaves and not much else. Most buds have small amounts of dried leaf covering them, 20% more time spent would have made them look 80% better. Works well in the vaporizer, tastes great.

Poor combustion here too. If you’re buying this to smoke it, be advised, some assembly required. Burned black and hot. Blotted out taste. Again, performs well in a vaporizer but I wouldn’t try to smoke it.

Landrace Indica

Another landrace here, this one smells akin to a traditional Afghani, its profile is a very accessible composition of sweet florals and cooler, bitter earths. Some varieties from this region can become quite rugged smelling in the lower earth tones of the profile, not here. This landrace seems to be balanced towards the sweeter florals with some cooler earths, reminiscent of milk chocolate playing secondary. It’s friendly, and maybe even a bit coy; if I had to recommend one of these varieties to my Grandma, this would be it.

The buds here are a bit looser, smaller and spherical, like you could expect an indica to be. You could flatten it like paper and it wouldn’t turn to dust, but this indica doesn’t have the same density as the other sativa types.

Economy trim, you get the shake for free, because they left it on the bud. This is more of an observation, not really a complaint. From a 10g pack, I’d estimate the trim content to be maybe .3g, and trim usually tests around 10% cannabinoid levels. I’d call it a negligible loss. You lose way more content choosing to combust over vaporization.

The Landrace Indica smokes the best of all 3 varieties I tried. I still wouldn’t call it enjoyable, more functional. I bet you could cure it up nice after a few days, but works very well in a vaporizer with this water content.


So just to loop back, this cost me about $162 for 27 grams. This was all a flat rate of $6/gram. I have bought the Landrace Indica twice before, I bought the Sativa due to interest and I bought the Delahaze because it had a decent cannabinoid level and it put me over the limit for free shipping. Plus it was all tested (I believe). For $6 a gram, I think that’s pretty good. And although it’s not of quality that I would smoke, it works really well in the vaporizer. The trim is sloppy most of the time, making it look a bit unattractive, but again, $6 per gram.

I’ve trudged the rock bottom of value cannabis, read about it here. I feel a bit more comfortable buying at this price point. Cannabinoid content testing seems to matter for at least a buck, maybe two. From the $3.28/gram ACDC to these $6.00/gram varieties, the step up in quality is more than double. I’ve had a pack of the $17.50/gram Tangie from MedReleaf before, and it was some of the best cannabis I ever had, but at almost 3 times the price of this THC BM stuff, I cannot also say it was 3x the quality.