San Rafael '71 Farm Gas

San Rafael '71 Farm Gas

Hey it’s pancakenap here and I’m looking at Farm Gas today.

Farm Gas

This is bred by a company named Occo, which is owned by Aurora. North 40 was the first to offer this, and now Aurora has an offering that they’ve grown themselves. 


I was actually just signing up with North 40 just after posting this. On their menu, they list Farm Gas as a Sour Diesel x GMO.

Purchase Stats

Bought this one in August from Canna Cabana, it was my first time trying their delivery service. I gotta tell you, I really miss Alberta’s provincial online store. The prices weren’t always the best, but they had everything and shipping was $5. With this Canna Cabana, the prices aren’t always the best, they don’t have many of the smaller craft brands and shipping is $10. That’s just me complaining though, I think $10 delivery fee is pretty standard in my area (just looking at major competitors). I should have bought more BC Black when it was available to me. Anyhow, delivery fee isn’t included in the scope of the review, I’m just ruminating.

Product price is on the low side of average, but not low. Cannabinoid content is high (29%). Maybe it’s fake, maybe not. I don’t usually get into these discussions. Packaging length is average. The product contained one of those humidity packs which I think helps the feel of the bud but hurts flavour.


This had big box cannabis looks with great flavour. I grouped the flavour character with Ogen’s Dosi-GMO-si or Ghost Drop’s First Class Funk. I’d tell you it’s worth a try if you like either. Price is somewhat favourable, but it’s more expensive than something like Pure Sun Farms or Spinach.