San Rafael '71 Pink Diesel

San Rafael '71 Pink Diesel

Looking at Pink Diesel by San Rafael '71. This was produced by Aurora and bred by Occo.


This is listed as a mix of Pink Kush and Driftwood Diesel.


Nothing observable good or bad came out of this 14g bag. The contents appeared to be small buds with regular colouring. More stemmy with rough trim, less luxury elements like purple colouring and full sized buds. It's lacklustre.


Scents are smooth spicy earths, closer to pink Kush than it is a diesel. I find it clean and not dirty sulphurous like a GMO is sometimes.


The profile has a sweet Kush topside with spoiled earth lowers. A flora resin exists on the exhale carries some melon and neutral tropical fruit and green herb. Tastes like a great hybrid with a dirty underbelly.


If I could go back and buy an eighth instead of a half, I would. Still, this is worth a look for the flavour profile, but you have to set your expectations accordingly. This is produced by Aurora and it shows. Like Farm Gas, it's better from a boutique grower like North40 than it is from Aurora.


Thanks for reading the review. See you on the next one.