Carmel Billy's Pheno

Carmel Billy's Pheno

Looking at Bernscotti today, through Carmel's Billy's Pheno.


This one’s by a grower called Billys, Inc., Ontario, and the similarity between that name and Billy‘s pheno has me wondering.

Anyways as soon as I ripped the package open, I could smell the gas on this flower. Another really good. First impression from a Carmel processed product. 


Parents are Biscotti and Jealousy. I can find some links suggesting that this is a collaboration between Seed Junky and Cookies.


Coming out of the package it looked pretty good. There was one large bud and a few mediums, but everything stank. It burned my eyes a bit even as I was positioning it for the turntable video. The inside of the package reeks like creamy rancid berry with just a ton of gas, I can still feel it in my sinus now that I’m taking this note after I have bagged everything back up. This was really impressive to open and I can’t wait to get into it but like I said another really impressive unboxing for Carmel.


Scent is earthly and gassy primarily but there are a ton of slight secondary notes like berry and soured milk. Character is pretty fierce and it’s loud.


Tastes flip slightly to cheesy berry and fuzzy herb sweetened by floral vanilla. The exhale is tart berry with funky cheese. Character is stringent. With use in the vaporizer the flavours dry down into smooth earths with berry tinge. 


This product went quick and I enjoyed it very much. Which I find myself saying about the vast majority of flower that comes out of this orange bag. Can't wait to see what's next from Carmel.


Thanks for reading this review. I'll be back with another in a week.