Sedamen (Pink Kush) from MedReleaf

Sedamen (Pink Kush) from MedReleaf


It’s Squid Pants here back from a bit of a hiatus.  What better way to return than with another damned Pink Kush review.  Tom Wolfe said you can never go home again, but I am not anything if not mindlessly stubborn in the face of pointless struggle so here I still am trying to find a Pink of the quality of years past.  Well, this container is old, maybe that’s the missing element I needed to finally find that taste I’ve missed so much.

Pink Kush

Between myself and Pancakenap we’ve discussed about all there is to discuss about Pink Kush.  Basically it’s likely a direct descendant of OG Kush, but it's impossible as it stands to know its true genetics.  It’s been very popular in Canada for a long time but due to overproduction and lack of care to achieve the best product to the crop itself it has become synonymous with cheap (but powerful) weed.  What’s on the market for the most part is a pale mockery of what once was, or it’s that absolutely terrible Tom Ford Pink cross.  Regardless I naively think that somehow, some day, that old Pink will find its way to me.


I’ve discussed MedReleaf in a previous review.  The only thing I’ll add here is the cut of Pink Kush they grow is in fact the real deal.  However having the best genetics and reaching its full potential are two different things.


This offering is in a polyester plastic bin.  Pretty standard and easily recyclable.  However PETE, the plastic in question, does allow slow gas exchange with the outside environment so cannabis will age in it faster than in some other materials.  As a result of those and other issues, these bins are not the best packaging for cannabis in my experience.


Buds are small to medium with a sloppy mechanical trim.  Stems and petioles protrude from several buds detracting from what would have been much nicer looks as colouring is quite nice with large sections a very deep purple colour.  Past that the bud is showing its age as trichome heads have a more amber than is desirable hue.


This does feel great.  Sticky, firm, chewy in the grinder.  This weed has flaws but feel isn’t one of them.


Negatives are a bit of a dusty, aged cannabis scent.  As well standard to this variety sharp, vegetative peppery note of the scent was preserved best and therefore has come to dominate.  The vanilla, floral and champagne notes I crave are there, but just barely.


The taste is actually Pink Kush but through a glass, darkly.  The lack of magnitude leaves you feeling less satisfied than when you started.

Price and Value

I purchased this directly from Aurora via their medical platform.  The price for a 5 gram container was $43.75 after a 20% discount which works out to $8.75 per gram. Usually I skip THC percentages and the like because they seem to me to be a complete fiction, but here it’s a realistic 19.6%.  Given that, the price per 100mg of THC is $4.47.

In my opinion there’s just no value argument here, the tastes are too faint to satisfy and if it’s just high THC you want, there are plenty of cheaper options, especially when compared to the full price for this.

I opened this package 250 days after its packaging date.  Harvest date is unknown.


The old world is dead, long live the new world!  I think it’s safe to say Pink Kush’s glory days have ended, and there’s a bunch of great new scents and flavours out there so go explore and enjoy.

Me?  I’ll be back with another old school variety because I’m living in the past.