Supernova Farms Space Funk

Supernova Farms Space Funk

Thanks for joining me, I'm opening a package of Supernova Farms Space Funk. This is the second time I've reviewed this product.

Previous Review

I purchased an eighth package of this product last year and was quite disappointed by it. The store had it at full price, and although the pack date wasn't too far back, it tasted old.

Despite my initial disappointment, during the research phase of this review, I began to look into the grower and genetics and thought, "Hey, maybe this should have been a little bit better."

It just so happened that the store I was shopping at didn't have my first or second choice, so this was a good fallback option. Now, I've bought a half ounce at about $90 and received a 5% discount, and I'm going to give it another try.


The first impression is positive; the buds display excellent development, with jagged and rumply shapes. There's a ton of open structure across the buds, suggesting it was likely challenging to trim, but they did an okay job. It seems they took some extra time with this, and the result is visually appealing flower.

I found 3-4 seeds in the grinds.


The aroma emanating from the bag is quite volatile, perhaps due to the oily sulphurs from the GMO or the freshness of the flower. It's not overwhelmingly strong, but it does have a noticeable presence when you open it. While it may not fill the room, it's certainly satisfying.


The flavour has an OG essence but with altered earthy and pine notes. The earthiness leans towards the GMO spectrum, with a hint of sulphurous funk. The pine flavor is accompanied by a mix of secondary tones, including florals and a hint of chemical cleaner. The main taste dissipates rather quickly in the vaporizer, leaving behind doughy-floral and cookie-like earthy notes. It's unique, not different enough from other GMO-OG-Cookie hybrids, but it stands out as one of the better ones.


Even with the seeds I ended up liking this for the price paid. Didn't bother me very much when using my vaporizer. I'd buy it again or see what else Supernova has around.