The Batch by Tilray

The Batch by Tilray

By my measure, The Batch was one of the first three value brands. As I write, I know a thing or two about having to stick to terrible names, and I wonder how Tilray likes The Batch, now that all these value brands have come out since. 

Anyways, everyone has worked hard over at Tilray to get this Batch in the container, and I didn’t really mind it during my review. Strictly from a quality perspective, it was the best of the three value offerings you’ll see this week.

Quality suffered in the olfaction, it was really faint. Otherwise, the look and feel were about acceptable, depending on how you view a lazy trim. I interpreted it as an OG Kush, but there wasn’t enough olfaction to really know. 

Price is on the attractive side, but only slightly.

Since this review has been written, the price on this listing has been lowered by about 3%. In the time it was released initially, the price was competitive. Now, I’m not so sure; the segment is much more crowded and there are instances of non-value brands available at lower prices. For example, at the time of writing, 3.5g Tantalus Labs Serratus is available for $19.99, which is quite a steep discount over its usual retail price.

And that’s probably where I’ll leave you, I’m not sure if these value brands are a good value, you might be better off hunting for a deal on a non-value brand. 

My hope is as the minimum price decreases within the value segment, the few brands operating above the traditional market maximum ($18+/g) will offer a value product around this price point, or a decent bulk discount. 

Until then, here’s my take on The Batch Half Quarter. The pictures are the best part, doesn’t get any better when you actually go to use it.