Twd. Mixed Berry Gummies

Twd. Mixed Berry Gummies

It’s Squid Pants here and today I am seeing what $2.00 gets you in the legal cannabis market.  Past experience says across categories you get disappointment regardless of price, let’s see if that trend holds here!



What else can be added, this is a bottom basement budget brand.  Tweed releases products under this label that even they think are so low quality it’s not worth the cost of including vowels, vowels that they already own and use regularly with other products they sell mind you, in the name.  Expectations are so low it’s almost impossible for this not to actually be better than expected as long as I live through it.


Mylar bag.  Kinda a sticky experience getting the pieces out as it’s a tight fit but it definitely preserves the product before consumption.


Dark coloured, sugary, I guess gem shaped blobs.  They look like jelly candies.


Really soft sticky blobs under a crunchy sugar layer, satisfying enough to chew but sticks to the teeth.  The gelling agent is pectin and not gelatin, so if like me you are a leaf eating type then this is a-ok.

Scent & Taste

Does the exact thing I would want, which is it smells and tastes like berries, just as promised.  What it doesn’t taste like is regret, unlike a single word review that you might have missed if you don’t follow me on Twitter:

Price & Value

I did indeed pay $2.00 before tax, so $2.26 in total.  I bought this during the week that the OCS stopped deliveries so I ended up in a Tokyo Smoke out of desperation to get some edibles for some nerdy leisure time with friends who don’t consume.  They had a few products on a daily special for super cheap and this was one of them.  For $2.00 this is exceptional value and I can’t think of anything to complain about at all.  However you are far more likely to pay from $4.00 to $6.00 for the pack.  This still leaves it as one of the cheapest offerings in the category and I’ve paid more for something nasty more than once.  If you specifically like this type of candy then this is a safe choice.  You’ll get something sweet and decent with no off putting elements.


This tasted nice and even though each piece is mild at 2mg THC, there are more pieces to enjoy in the entire package.  I’d say this is a nice and safe choice at the bottom end of the market.  You can’t get much cheaper and on sale it’s an outright steal.  If I was just looking for utility of contents only, these are enjoyable and functional, but they’re nothing special.  Then again jelly candies in general are kinda basic so again, they hit expectations.

Certainly better than infused dried beets (Dear Quebec; You don’t deserve to be treated like that)