The Loud Plug Exotic Gas

The Loud Plug Exotic Gas

Hey thanks for joining me for the review today, we have The Loud Plug's Exotic Gas.

Was by Canna Cabana one Tuesday night around 7 PM, I expected the store to be not very busy, and it wasn't. There were only three people in there, one when I had arrived and one coming in when I left. The bartenders were really helpful. I actually came in wanting Aurora's Pink Diesel, but I just asked about this offering in passing and I wasn't able to buy both because of the limit, so I just grabbed this. And I'll get the Pink Diesel later, I suppose.


Cultivar or strain information isn't shown for this one but the bud tenders that sold it to me were calling it Ice Cream Cake I believe. In the data sheet I went with what I could taste, which was: Unknown Cake.


The package opens really easily and is visually appealing. All the buds are trimmed very well and have a good dense feel.


The scent is reminiscent of creamy earth, offering a notable presence upon opening.


The flavour profile features cake-like earthiness with hints of gas, resulting in an overall average olfactory experience. While not exceptional, it certainly holds its own.


It may not surpass the $70 ounce of Wedding Cake from GreenTerra, but the quality was indeed very similar. I wouldn't buy it again.


The price was about one quarter higher than what I usually pay. I'm not sure if I found value in the extra expenditure.

Loud Plug Reviews

This is our second review of a Loud Plug product. So far, we've spent $183.46 on their brand. Of the two reviews, only one was for an ounce package of flower, so the statistics given above stand. They're just above, one quarter higher than I usually pay.

Canna Cabana Purchases

So far, I’ve purchased 28 different products at Canan Cabana totaling to $1037.96. Of those purchases, two were for ounce packages of cannabis flower, which average to $3.51 per gram. That’s 2.5% higher than the average I usually pay for an ounce, which is $3.42 per gram. On average, cannabis flower products purchased from Canada have spent 89 days in the package before I purchase them, which is about 9% lower than the average for any vendor, 98 days.


Thanks for reading the review today. See you for the next one.