Rocket Factory 10 G's

Rocket Factory 10 G's

Among the three quarters I opened alongside this one, I found that this product stood out the most in terms of the opening experience. Compared to the Algoma Craft and the Laker City Kush, this one offered the nicest and most dramatic experience upon opening.

The packaging of this product is quite impressive, perhaps the best I've seen so far. It provides valuable information such as the total amount of terpenes tested for, which is usually not disclosed by many other brands.

Number of Terpenes Tested

From my past experience, most labs test for and find around 25 different terpenes, on average. It's disclosed on this package that this product has been tested for 38 different terpenes. This is the first time I've seen this, having this detailed information on the package adds a level of transparency that I appreciate.


The contents of this 7-gram package actually weigh 6.93 grams. While I haven't typically weighed these packages before, it's something I've started doing thanks to Squid Pants' influence on these reviews.


The scent is complex yet familiar. There's an aggressive ice cream aroma with a very friendly skunky undertone, giving it a larger-than-life presence. It's robust and bold, with a hefty, almost blunt character. While it's substantial and forceful, it lacks sharpness or cutting edges.


The taste is rich and textured, with thick, sandy, sweet earth tones complemented by a gassy backdrop and a full, creamy resinous finish. It resembles a Girl Scout cookie profile, featuring fruity and flowery notes within the resinous layers. Overall, it offers typical sweet earthiness with a hint of gas. The creamy and earthy aftertaste is notably sticky and pairs well with coffee.


I thoroughly enjoyed this offering, and each time I opened the bag, it was a delightful experience. Packaging was great. While the flower itself is reminiscent of other cakey strains on the market, its quality shines through in its secondary flavour elements. For instance, the creaminess of the profile adds depth and distinction. Moreover, considering the highly competitive landscape, the price I paid for this product was quite advantageous. While similar flavors may be found in lower-priced options, I believe the extra cost was justified for the quality of this flower. Overall, it's a well-crafted product in a saturated market segment.

Rocket Factory Review History

This marks my initial review of a Rocket Factory product. I purchased the quarter for $49, benefiting from a 10% discount at Mendo Market. Typically, I'm accustomed to spending $6.87 for a quarter-ounce package, but this Rocket Factory package came to $7.07 per gram. That's approximately 2.9% higher than my average expenditure.

Mendo Purchases

This marks my 17th purchase at Mendo Cannabis. To date, my total expenditure amounts to $779.19. Out of these purchases, seven were for a quarter-ounce package of flower, averaging $6.81 per gram. This figure is within one percent of my average expenditure for a seven-gram package across all purchases, which stands at $6.87 per gram.


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