Thumbs Up Day & Night

Thumbs Up Day & Night

Hey pancakenap here. Thanks for joining me for today's review of Thumbs Up Day and Night product.

This ounce product comprises two half-ounce offerings, with the Sativa variant in white for daytime use and the Indica variant in black for nighttime use. Although this classification is a fallacy, I argue that it could be perceived as a positive aspect and could be explored further until scientific evidence allows for more accurate categorization.

We are examining two distinct flower offerings here, so we'll analyze the lineages separately.

Mint Sherbet Lineage

Thumbs Up attributes the lineage to Thin Mint GSC x Sunset Sherbet. Numerous cultivars share this lineage, including all recognized Gelato phenotypes. References to Flint & Embers' version of 'Mint Sherbet' can be found, but it's reasonable to consider this as a generic Gelato hybrid.

Peanut Butter Cake Lineage

Thumbs Up attributes the lineage to Peanut Butter Cake x Wedding Cake. Varieties like Jiffy Cake and one by Backcountry Farms share this lineage. The specific strain is unclear, and given the cannabis' quality, the distinction isn't significant.

Mint Sherbet


Buds, while small, exhibit good development and noticeable trichome coverage. The trim appears a bit untidy, as if it was handled in warm conditions during the trimming process, resulting in a melted trichome matrix. Overall, it seems to have grown well but lacks visual character


The texture is quite satisfying; the buds have a chewy consistency.


The aroma presents a clean clove scent with hints of soured earth. Some might detect subtle notes of minty pine, depending on their interpretation. However, the projection is faint, and the profile offers a relatively narrow dimension.


The flavor profile encompasses dry wood and pine with hints of minty herb and cream. While the dry wood tone is somewhat bothersome, the profile delivers clarified tastes. The character is present but lacks projection, meeting the minimum standard but leaving room for improvement.


The visuals are below average, with small or popcorn-sized buds lacking surface detail. The colouring is typical for this product.


The feel is good, with buds exhibiting good density.


The aroma initially releases off-putting green volatiles. The true character is a blend of woodsy, skunky, and sour cream notes—decent but challenging to categorize as good. The scent projects adequately.


The flavour profile is a combination of creamy and salty notes with a hint of fresh herb. The finish is dominated by gristly earthy spices. However, the overall taste is somewhat lacking, resembling a profile composed solely of secondary notes with notable empty spaces.


Within this price segment, the crucial question is whether the quality surpasses that of Pure SunFarms, and unfortunately for this one, it falls short.

I appreciated the day and night branding, and I think you could lean into it way more to create a weekly set like Armani Privé's fragrance lineup. I'm thinking seven, 4g packages, one for each day. While the science surrounding the entourage effect remains unclear, olfactory response to scent is well studied. It wouldn't be foolish to suggest that good smelling cannabis smells best on first impression, or when you return to it after a while. But with use, it looses its lustre after a short time. A variety product comprised of hybrids with a variance of flavour profiles would be a step up from what I saw here, the quality would have to be something like we saw in the latest 7ACRES product, but I'd be willing to pay more for it.

Although the quality fell short, certain aspects were promising. With a surplus of quality cannabis available for processing, I look forward to more specialized offerings in the future.

Product Stats

I started this review on November 10, 2023, eight days post-purchase. Despite the extended period, I have yet to consume the entire product, and it's likely I never will.

Package Date

This product was packaged on September 28, 2023. I acquired it on November 2, 2023, which means the flower spent 35 days in the package—approximately two-thirds less than the average recreational product reviewed on this platform.


The cannabinoid content displays 29.8% THC, marking a 42% increase compared to the historical average THC content for our flower purchases, which stands at 21%.

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While the number of tested terpene compounds isn't standardized, they found that 2.81% of the total mass consists of some of the terpenes they tested for. This figure is 3.3% lower than our arbitrarily tracked average.


The cost of this product was $113.89, placing it in the same price segment as Pure SunFarms. The price per gram, at $4.07, is slightly lower than the tracked average of $4.56 per gram. Over the course of our website, the average ounce purchase price has been $3.36 per gram.

Market average for a 28 gram package of cannabis

Thumbs Up Review History

This Thumbs Up product marks my initial experience with their offerings. The average cost for Thumbs Up purchases is approximately 21% higher than our tracked overall average price for ounce purchases ($3.29 per gram).

Four20 Purchase History

Purchased at Four20 Cannabis, where I've made seven transactions tottaling $288.03. This one-ounce buy is 21% higher than my usual average ($3.29 per gram).

On average, a Four20 purchase spends 241 days in packaging, 145% more than the overall vendor average of 98.1 days.

Market Information

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