Greybeard DJ Melon

The price paid ($34.97) is 3% lower than my usual expenditure on a diamond product ($35.91) and falls below the market average ($49.11) for September 2023. While the flavor is somewhat monotone, the strength is commendable. However, I find myself favouring other Greybeard products.

Greybeard DJ Melon

Hey pancakenap here. Thanks for joining me for today's review of Greybeard's DJ Melon Diamonds and Sauce.

Shooting from the hip, just going by name alone, I expect Blueberry to be involved because DJ implies DJ Short and Melon could imply Green Crack or maybe even a Watermelon, which tend to be more popular these days.

DJ Melon Lineage

Greybeard does not give a lineage on their page for this product but I was able to find something on Strainy suggesting this is a Kish crossed to AFD which I interpret to be Afghani Drifter. I did some searching to see if I could find a breeder or seeds under either lineage, or the DJ Melon name and came up empty. So, that's that.


Upon opening, I observed the mixture clinging to the side of the container, especially around the lid's meeting point with the glass. In the opening video (sped up), you can see me tapping the container over 2-3 minutes to address this issue. Notably, the inner seal was not properly attached to the glass when I opened the lid, raising concerns about whether the seal was glued on and if the glue had dissolved due to contact with the hydrophobic cannabis extract. While I cannot confirm, it prompts questions about the integrity of the seal.

Diamonds and Sauce

Molecularly, THC in its decarboxylated, psychoactive form is non-polar. In its acidic form, the carboxyl group adds enough polarity to THC, allowing it to form a crystal lattice, commonly known as diamonds. The diamonds are assumed to be high in THCA. The sauce is presumed to be rich in terpenes and could be the extract used to create the diamonds or an entirely different extraction.


The blend consists of numerous crystalline structures suspended in a thick liquid. Two crystals stand out at approximately 0.8cm, while the majority measures 1-2mm in diameter at their widest point. The amber and transparent slurry adheres to the glass sides.


The flavor profile presents a subtly sweet earthiness reminiscent of myrcene. The initial taste carries a plastic-like undertone, resembling the flavor of distillate or other high-THC extracts. While the flavour is somewhat monotone and not overly bold, it offers a decent taste for an extract product.


Does what it does for a fairly good price but this DJ is reliably average, for what that's worth. The flavour profile offers some dimension but is lacking compared to other Greybeard extracts I've tried.

Greybeard Trufflez
Trufflez provided deep flavour, without any negative tastes. An attractive flavour profile and handiness made this a useful product.

Product Stats

The date of this review was October 9, 2023, which was 10 days after the purchase.

Package Date

I purchased this product on September 29, 2023, and the packaging date was August 4, 2023. This means it spent approximately 56 days in the package, which is about 75% less than the average we observe for live resin products in the recreational market, typically around 231 days.


The cannabinoid content is indicated as 70.9% THC and 0.0% CBD. This is 12.2% lower than the average we've observed during the course of these reviews, which typically hovers around 80.8% THC combined with CBD.

Terpene content is shown as 8.92% which is 3.8% lower than the average we usually see on the package (9.28% of any terpene).


According to the CannStandard data, the average price for a 1g package of diamonds is $49.11 the month this product was purchased (September 2023).

Market average for a 1 gram package of diamonds

I paid $34.97 for this Greybeard product. I typically pay $35.91 per gram which puts this Greybeard product about 3% lower than the average I usually pay.

Greybeard Review History

This is the 4th Greybeard product I've reviewed. Out of those 2 reviews, both were for 3.5-gram packages of flower. Across those reviews, I've paid an average of $35.10 per gram, which is 2.3% lower than the average price we typically pay for a 1 gram package of diamonds, which is $35.91 per gram.

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Value Buds Purchase History

I've made 35 purchases at Value Buds, totalling $1142.88. Among these purchases, 1 gram packages of extract averaged $27.57 per gram, which is 23.2% higher than our average spending on 1-gram extract packages, set at $35.91 per gram.

On average, the extract products I've purchased from Value Buds have spent approximately 66 days in the package before purchase. This is about 71% lower than the average packaging time we currently observe, which is around 231 days.

Purchase stats for this product with respect to purchase averages.

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were in the last complete month they were available. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

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Days Active

The first date we can find the product listed and the number of days since then.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Provinces Listed

The count of provinces we can find this product listed in.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Market Average Price

The average price of this item at the stores we can find it listed in.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Store Count

The count of stores we can find this item listed at.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Monthly Sales

The sum of the observed change in inventory multiplied by the price of this item across all stores.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Monthly Sell-Through Per Store

The sum change in inventory for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Monthly Sales Per Store

The sum of observed sales for this item divided by the number of stores that list it.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Share of Total Sales

The sum of sales for this item as a percentage of all sales we track. The static average is shown on the left and the monthly average is shown on right.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

Cumulative Sales

The cumulative sum of tracked sales for this item. The static sum is shown on the left and the monthly sum is shown on right.

Data Refreshed Dec 11 2023

November Top Selling Products

This product ranked 6th on CannStandard's flower top 30 sellers list for November 2023.

Data Refreshed Dec 12 2023
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October Top Selling Brands

Greybeard was 2nd out of 20 with respect to our estimate of diamond brand market share in November 2023.

Data Refreshed Dec 12 2023


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