Wappa by 7ACRES

Wappa by 7ACRES

The 7ACRES Wappa maintains the quality seen in the higher priced product and delivers it within ~10% of the market average price. This offering hits the high points for visual appearance and is an interesting rendition of Wappa’s appealing flavour profile.

Wappa is another Paradise Seeds variety, their cultivars are grown by many of Canada’s licensed producers. Like many Paradise varieties, Wappa has a reputation for stability and homogenous growth, which is a benefit for producers. The flavour of Wappa flower carries its own identity, other cultivars taste similar to Wappa, but Wappa does not taste similar to other cultivars.

When I first reviewed Wappa, I referred to its profile akin to Philip K. Dick’s scramble suit, a dancing arrangement of familiar tastes changing so quick that they can never be fully attributed. This profile has moves.

My experience with Wappa starts with Canada’s Island Garden via Tweed’s Craft Grow.

Then we moved to 7ACRES October 2017 Wappa sold via Aurora

In May 2018, I went to Ottawa and met a home grower who gave me phenomenal flower from two Wappa cultivars. 

And now, more than a year after the initial experience, we’re back to the 7ACRES Wappa.

I hope the pictures demonstrate the homogenous growth this plant is capable of. Over time, one can become aware of Wappa’s flavour profile and appreciate the slight nuances, depending on how it was produced. For those interested in flavour, this is a good one to try multiple times, in multiple places. Wappa only has one genetic source (Paradise) but is produced by a wide variety of people, in a wide variety places, using a wide variety of methods. Familiar taste, slightly varied– like the feeling of eating McDonald’s in another country, without the regret of eating McDonald’s.

With that being said, I find the flavour of the 7ACRES Wappa is classic with a black pepper twist. Right off the bat this Wappa jabs the sinus with a note of pronounced pepper before diving back down into the cooler, gingered fruit and earth flavours. Wappa’s flavour is fluid and flexible like a river, multi-faceted on the palette but runs a similar course each season.

The Wappa scent is spot on. Minty cool spices, milk chocolate earths underneath a versatile set of grace notes. This is what I really like about Wappa, its expanse makes it amorphous and elements familiar to the observer can embody the profile. I’d argue you meet Wappa’s olfactory stimulus halfway, a reminder that perception also comes from within.

Structure of this Wappa is on par with other 7ACRES varieties and similar to other experiences with Wappa. The buds display the same close, meticulous trim seen on other 7ACRES varieties. Rigidity is a touch less firm than the others and grinds to a similar consistency.

This is my third 7ACRES review. All three containers were of similarly fantastic flavour, structure and quality. There was not one bud I was disappointed by. Potential can be claimed and demonstrated, I think 7ACRES does both. Here is an excerpt from their package:

“We know you’re not one to be fooled or swayed by a fancy package. So instead, we’ve opted to stay focused on what matters: the flower”

I didn’t really take the message at face value, maybe because I thought the package was kinda fancy or I just heard that Wiz Khalifa news, but after seeing multiple 7ACRES products, I got to know. Someone has gone over every square inch of every single bud, in every single container I received, probably under magnification. Every bud, in every container has been held to a high standard, you can see it.

After this experience, my idea of 7ACRES as a brand is less about a container or a menu and more about a methodology that not only produces good cannabis, more importantly, assures the purchaser of a quality standard seen at very few producers. I’ll expect that same standard on my next purchase, but that same expectation will likely keep me coming back, even to cultivars I’ve tried before, just to see what the 7ACRES methodology did with it.

One last observation about 7ACRES cannabis that differentiates it from everything else I’ve seen, the potential and actual THC values. Most actual THC values are small fractions of the potential, but the actual varieties are noticeably higher for the 7ACRES cannabis. For example, the Tantalus Serratus had an actual content of 0.25%, potential was 13%. Aurora’s Blue Dream is 0.25% actual and 23% potential. The actual THC content of this 7ACRES Wappa is 8.25%, potential is 18.44%, a much higher ratio. This is similar for the 7ACRES Jean Guy (4.26% actual and 20.16% potential). Just something to note, didn’t perceive an effect on quality either way.